Couple Relieves Debt by Taking Financial Peace University at Re/Max Titanium

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Aileen, Alma, Peter

Re/Max Titanium is hosting Financial Peace University classes that teach you how to budget, save, and invest in your financial future in 7 Baby Steps.

You must gain control over your money or the lack of it will forever control you.”

— Dave Ramsey

ROSEMEAD, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, January 19, 2018 / — Re/Max Titanium will be holding Financial Peace University classes starting January 31st, this month. Anyone is able to sign up and students will learn “how to budget, manage debt, pay down debt, save money, and also invest in [their] future,” says Financial Peace University Coordinator, Aileen Matias. Matias says all the ultimate best advice and tips will be taught in 7-simple-baby-steps.

If you are “living paycheck to paycheck and are tired of living that kind of lifestyle, self-employed and not sure how to budget, or curious about where all your money has gone, this class will be great,” Matias describes what kind of people would benefit from taking the class.

In July 2017, a couple, Alma and Peter took the class at Re/Max Titanium. Prior to taking the class, the couple was following Dave Ramsey (Founder of FPU) and tried budgeting by themselves. At some point their plans got diverted. After taking the FPU class at Re/Max Titanium, with the help from Matias, Alma and Peter learned more tips than they would have if they took the class online. After three months, Alma and Peter noticed significant difference in their cash flow planning and budgeting.
Due to the “envelope system” the couple learned how to reduce their expenditures. “I have gone to stores where we buy household items and I’m running low on cash and I’ve had to literally pull stuff out of the cart,” Alma describes how the system she learned from the class effectively helped her save money. By only spending the amount enclosed, Alma was not able to go over her budget. The couple suggests that “you really need to want to make a difference in your life and for your future” in order to make the program work for you.

Stephanie Huang, another student of the class, paid off her own car in cash after finishing FPU classes. Huang, 18, is staff member at Re/Max Titanium and took interest in the class after overhearing bits of tips and valuable advice from the class. It is best advised to start learning how to budget, save, and invest in your future starting at a young age and Huang took that leap forward.

Make sure to hurry and sign up for this class as it starts this month. Take advantage of not just the tips and advice you will get from the class but also the opportunity to change your life.

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