Bitcoiin B2G announces Mining Program

Bitcoiin B2G’s Ethereum-based hashing software, a Turing-complete programming language, allows mining operation to compute massively, but report accurately to the smallest depositor.

HONG KONG, CHINA, February 8, 2018 / — is pleased to follow up the announcement of its forthcoming Initial Coin Offering (ICO), blockchain-based BITCOIIN (B2G), with a detailed announcement regarding the B2G Bitcoiin mining program. Mining, to yield blockchain backing for the creation of new tokens, is one of the core functions of our new cryptocurrency, B2G Bitcoiin.

Bitcoiin B2G has forged a strategic alliance with Dragon Mining, a manufacturer of mining machines. These new mining computer platforms, in configurations and with computing power similar to the S9 Ant Miner mining computer system used to mine the original bitcoin. Dragon Mining’s massive investment in thousands of purpose-based “mining rigs” (specialized computer work stations), using Ethereum-based blockchain algorithms, will produce a comprehensive cryptocurrency ecosystem.

The core engine of that ecosystem is our mining operation. We have implemented a pool of mining rigs, similar to Ant Pool (used to mine the original bitcoin), stationed at Dragon Mining’s facility.

And the B2G comprehensive platform provides a sector where depositors can realize revenue from mining. Our conservative projections show mining revenue expected to be two to three times the mining revenue realized by the original bitcoin ICO. The original bitcoin promised mining revenue for all enthusiasts. That promise never materialized. The original bitcoin mining operation is only accessible to massive corporations with huge capital at their disposable.

Our mining rigs allow individuals and large corporations to earn equally, as part of mining pools. This unique capital formation arrangement allows the small depositor access to the same revenue gains as mega-corporations. Our Ethereum-based hashing software, a Turing-complete programming language, allows our mining operation to compute massively, but report accurately to the smallest depositor. That includes transparent Proof-of-Work data, produced efficiently using the HashCash proof of work utility.

Why add this mining utility to a trading platform, and a wallet utility? Because our vision is of a comprehensive cryptocurrency resource. To the depositor, that means a one-stop platform, and an elegant solution, eliminating the need for a buy portal here, a wallet there, and exclusion from mining. On our platform, ALL THREE FUNCTIONS are accessible at one stop.

B2G offers an opportunity not seen since the original bitcoin offering in 2009. A fresh chance to catch the wave. A chance for ordinary people to participate in an Initial Coin Offering, with a modest investment, and the possibility of explosive growth.

Bitcoiin (B2G) offers participation at the crowdfunding moment. B2g’s initial soft-cap $75,000,000 USD start-up fund has already opened. Fund-raising will continue until a hard cap of $250,000,000 USD is raised. Then the ICO window will close. Fund-raising has already commenced, with at least $12,000,000 USD already on deposit.

This unique opportunity is open now.

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Source: EIN Presswire