Postproduction Innovators Collaborate in Race for Greater Efficiencies

AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND, February 14, 2018 / — Technology innovators are moving quickly to take advantage of the global production boom created by tech giants such as Netflix and Amazon.

Responding to forecasts of explosive demand for localized media content, Kiwa Digital, developers of VoiceQ post-production software, announced today a collaboration with The Cargo Cult, developer of the audio post-production tool Conformalizer.

VoiceQ is a systemised software solution that automates dialog replacement in the post-production stage of film and television production. It has a global reputation for the precision of its synching process and the quality performance achieved.

Conformalizer is an audio post-production tool that allows sound editors to automatically conform and rebalance audio data to match a changed picture cut. It works by comparing picture EDLs, XML, cutlists or change notes and creating a new "change EDL" which reflects the difference between two versions of the picture. Conformalizer can then automatically conform Pro Tools sessions, databases and mix automation to match the new version of the cut.

The new VoiceQ release out today integrates Conformalizer into the VoiceQ workflow, allowing studio engineers to quickly make large script and media changes, a common requirement in post.

The move is part of VoiceQ’s strategy to integrate multiple workflow and collaboration tools within VoiceQ in partnership with other “best in breed” tools.

“The industry is calling for global collaboration and efficiencies and this can only be achieved by integrating “best in breed” studio and cloud tools,” says Steven Renata CEO of VoiceQ. “Our focus with this latest development has been on taking the best that technology can offer, while still retaining the precision of studio based audio post-production.”

Other efficiency tools in the new VoiceQ release include global search tools, and drag and drop video and script. New collaboration features include the ability to use import and export to share language projects with multiple users.

“The global production boom is creating demand for quality dubbing and ADR that can only be met by digital solutions. We are excited to be at the forefront of this change” says Renata.

The new VoiceQ release was launched to global post-production and media companies today and is available through

Developed by New Zealand based software developer Kiwa Digital Ltd, VoiceQ software speeds up the dialog creation and replacement process in the post-production stage of film, video and television production. See

Developed by New Zealand based software developer The Cargo Cult, Conformalizer is an audio post production tool that allows sound editors to automatically conform and rebalance audio data to match a changed picture cut. See

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Source: EIN Presswire