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Zoran Art Academy is Giving Inspiration and Education to Artists from Around the World, with both Technical Art Education, as well as Real Life Mentorship.

Live your own life, and not for others. Be brave and accept change as a natural law. Follow your intuition, and find and preserve peace within yourself.”

— Zoran

MALIBU, CALIFORNIA , USA, October 11, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — About the Founder of Zoran Art Academy

According to Socrates, "The unexamined life is not worth living." After examining his life, and wondering how he could live in the 'real and practical world' making a living, and live as an artist, the handsome, soulful man from Belgrade, Serbia named Zoran began one day confronting his spirit, and realized that, as he says, "the passion of ones life is not meant to be lived in the shadows, as a hobby, or down on one's knees." One morning Zoran reveals, he woke up and realized that two destinies did not live in him, and he had only one choice, to become an artist. "It's my life," he says.

"From my earliest childhood," Zoran states, "I had a dream to become an artist. When the other children in kindergarten drew a house, a fence, or smoke from a chimney, I was trying to draw the nose of the educator. They told me then, 'That's a caricature–not art!' I defended myself however, reminding them that at Leonardo Da Vinci–who I consider the greatest in the history of art–created cartoons."

No Plan B

He says, "Later, my life moved in a much different direction. I was getting ready for enrollment at an Art Academy. I drew a lot in high school, and had a portfolio of over 300 drawings I had done. My good friend took the portfolio to her school, to show her friends. The portfolio then disappeared. She felt like dying from the guilt. I comforted her, stating, 'It's not as bad as it looks. If someone liked my drawings enough to steal them now, I must be a good artist! I joked. I was not accepted at the Art Academy. They told me I was already talented enough, and I didn't need their training. I felt like a young eagle whose wings were cut. At first I had no luck teaching painting in the studio of another professional painter. So I stopped painting, and began focusing on other things aside from art."

One morning however, Zoran states that he "woke up, and realized that he had only one choice; to become an artist." Something then happened that changed his life. he said that he realized that his talent, knowledge and market he wanted to reach were three incompatible elements. He realized then how much he did not know, and his long break from not painting had affected him. Only when working steadily, could he be great, having to confront everything as an artist, and not leave any part of his life missing from his creations. He absorbed every piece of art he encountered, spending more than twenty hours a day painting, and learned even more by analyzing the works of the old masters. He was again fulfilled.

Zoran is now a professional fine artist, and teacher of fine art. He seeks daily to help other artists find not only the talent of the brushstrokes within them, but of their heart, and where it belongs. The most difficult thing about being an artist," Zoran says, is "to just survive, and not lose yourself in a world that fights against individual identity." He implores of his students and others, "live your own life, and not for others." He adds, "Be brave and accept change as a natural law. Follow your intuition, and find and preserve peace within yourself."

To his surprise, as soon as he became a full time artist, he rapidly then became a member of numerous, significant international art institutions. "I felt like an eagle that had flew off the cliff," he says. "My life supported me. I continued on my own way, by believing in myself and my talent," adding, "I still live my dream, and teach others to be brave as I had finally become. I teach that you become the painter when you start to live for your painting, with no back up plan."

About Zoran Art Academy

"The creation of a successful, full time artist who overcame the obstacles many beginning artists face; Zoran Art Academy merges the foundational, painterly techniques of the old craftsmen, the experience and knowledge of the classical art workshops from the renaissance period, and the contemporary achievements in the development of human consciousness, including the scientific knowledge of the great Nikola Tesla," Zoran states. In this manner, Zoran adds, "Zoran Art Academy meets the basic requirements of both the talented artist, and art collectors, by robustly contributing holistically to the advancement of culture." Zoran states, "We have a desire to change the world by changing the educational systems, and by improving the attitudes that our society has towards true and worthwhile artistic values and aesthetics." In 2016, Zoran began his Web Academy, in order to teach art internationally online. The result was over 120 participants across 2 years, who passed the program. He will soon be preparing the company to accept investors.

Practicing what he preaches, Zoran says that the meaning of life for himself as an artist is to "be consistent with your destiny," reminding that "You should use this chance while you are here on Earth, to be happy," he says, and "Love yourself, so you can love others." Influenced by Raphael (1520) due to what Zoran praises as his "Perfect form and exquisite beauty," he says that "art is the most important part of culture," which should cherished. With much art confronting the reality of death that we will all one day face, Zoran, when asked how he wants to be remembered when he is gone, states poetically, "He lived in harmony with nature. He used his gift to help others. Time was on his side. And he left his legacy for future generations."

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