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Digital art is an art created by computer. These images can be viewed on screen, projected or printed out. The computer does not create art for you, however. Just like giving someone brushes and paints, does not make them an artist. The computer has an incredible range of possibilities for the creation of images, but not something you would necessarily want to put on your wall! It takes the eye of an artist to make the choices necessary to find something pleasing on the eye.

There is a good range of software available for computer and online digital art. Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel Draw and Painter to name a few popular ones. I particularly like creating abstract designs with fractal software. The main one I use is 'Apophysis' which is a fractal flame software. It has an amazing range of possibilities and tools, with which I am in total control of all the elements, colour schemes and output resolution. I usually always use a combination of all this software to create the finished product.

Getting the 'art' from the computer involves printing in one form or another, also art can be displayed on the computer, as in the case of screen savers or backgrounds, or projected. What I like to do, however, is to render at incredibly high resolution and print in fine detail. Printing on canvas gives a very nice quality product which can enhance your living or workspace.

New improved art gallery sites provide market space for sellers and buyers of artistic pieces. It`s a very effective instrument, which connects national and international buyers with artists directly. Artists exhibit their creations in online expositions letting potential buyers select pieces online comfortably and fast. It`s progressive device, which allows them to sell their creations inexpensively and with no commissions.

These websites have high quality images of pieces which are divided by medium – watercolor, oil, pastel, portraits and others. Also, these expositions can be separated by subject – animals, abstract, urban, etc. Among traditional styles, they also have new fine art such as computer animation, digital pieces, etc. Visitors may find interesting and rare creations such as paper prints from the 1950s and 1960s, oil on canvas from the 1930s, Russian works from the Soviet epoch and other out-of-the-ordinary vintage creations.

Art galleries are an effective way for the unknown artists because they have high traffic and always develop and create traffic to it. A single unknown master can create his own site, but it may not have enough traffic on it. They may link their own site with the website. Well-organized marketing strategy helps to keep these galleries search-friendly and visible. It drives more traffic and more people will know about him and his work. Online expositions have a featured painters list with masters, who have the most perspective on such works.

Painters also can use some tools to increase exposure to their galleries. For example, they may send an e-card with their creations to potential buyers. These galleries also allow clients to send their work as e-cards. Web exhibitions provide public information about artists: their stories and bios. They are welcome to publish articles about their work on these sites. In their articles, they can explain their vision, providing insight into their talent. They may write everything, whatever they think may be interesting and reflect their artistic point of view.

Online museums of art are, in and of themselves, great web exhibitions. They have collections of masterpieces from all over the world. There are thousands of works of masters from all history, including Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, Caravaggio, Raphael and others. Galleries of famous works are very important from both a cultural and education prospective. They include not only the most famous works, but they also have lesser-known paintings of famous painters. There also is available biographies of the masters and history of the particular piece.
Online art sites also have information about classes, tools and supplies, news, etc. An interesting idea was to create activities for children. A range of activities for kids are included between other history lessons and color selection games. Kids may like painting technique demonstrations and drawing projects. Students probably will have a lot of fun imitating popular masters. Or, they may be happy using different styles on the base of masterpieces with tools, provided by these websites.

The Online Art Gallery

There are various large art museums available in different countries all around the world that have exceptional parts for contemporary art. But not all museums specialize in it the manner contemporary art museum does. Special museum has something for everyone – from kids to senior citizens. These museums have a blend of new and old art. Local museums and galleries are certainly popular all around the world. Constructed in fine regal buildings on the road the contemporary museums enchant the tourist with their great exhibition objects.
If you are a culture-interested tourist, then art gallery are some places you should definitely visit. The palace collections are great places to see. You can not only see the popular works of architect and painter but also the famous graphics, photography and drawings of modern art. Museums take many years to be constructed.

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