CoinDeal uses the cooperation with the Premier League club to the maximum

WROCLAW, DOLNY SLASK, POLAND, February 8, 2019 / — A promotional video and viral on the Internet. It’s a new project of a cryptocurrency exchange platform CoinDeal created by three Poles. In the commercial spot appears, i.e. a world-renowned football player Ruben Neves.

The characters, in a shorter than a minute spot, were played by Ryan Bennett, Conor Coady, Ruben Neves, Will Norris, Raul Jimenez, and Diogo Jota. The players were shown on the screen in a way that would emphasize the values of both worlds – cryptocurrencies and football.

– The Internet is a genius tool, thanks to which our cryptocurrency exchange platform exists. It also gives the possibility to communicate smoothly and quickly. Without the Internet or little bits of help from IMs, we wouldn’t be able to organize the work on the promotion video for CoinDeal with Wolves so efficiently. We talk to each other, despite the fact that theoretically, we come from different worlds. Still, we share the common goals, get excited about what we’re doing and, especially, HOW we do it. Wolves got interested in cryptos, as we became the fans of Wolverhampton. You should see our office on the day of the game; everyone gets excited. During the match we have something like a hotline commenting on the play – says Kajetan Maćkowiak, one of the CoinDeal founders.

The video is the next project of the partnership between the crypto platform and the seventh Premier League club. There was a lot of talk going around in Polish media about the St. Nicholas Day’s gift which, thanks to Wolverhampton and CoinDeal arrived to B-class team – Wilki Różana. A small, but at the same time the fanbase of Wolves, Polish club, received the original football kits, the same in which the Wolverhampton team plays. The project from the border of Corporate Social Responsibility found its way to the major TV release of Fakty – Polish nationwide edition summarizing the events from the whole day. Wilki Różana also appeared in many newspapers and information portals.

CoinDeal also showed that it is not that far from snowy Lower Silesia to sunny California. In the meantime, the Wolverhampton partner’s logotype appeared on the shirt of Cheerleaders Gdynia who took part in Polish Heritage Night in NBA, an annual event organized by Marcin Gortat.

Cooperation between CoinDeal and Wolves is extremely valuable. The first quarter showed that the cryptocurrency exchange platform, thanks to the presence on the sleeves of Wolves’ T-shirts, but also on the backrests of the bench seats at the Wolverhampton stadium, recorded 31 million (6 million pounds) of the golden media value. CoinDeal is one of the very few in the world that are dynamically and gradually developing – even despite the recent slowdown in the crypto market. Recently 100-thousandth trader has registered on the cryptocurrency exchange platform founded by the three Poles. The number of registration is only a proof of the great success. The promotional campaigns and their momentum show the stability of functioning of the whole enterprise.

Joining forces with Wolverhampton, CoinDeal has made permanent entries in history, becoming the world's first cryptocurrency exchange that has ever sponsored the Premier League team. It was also the first to fund bitcoin in the street basketball tournament, the first to appear on the shirts of cheerleaders, the first to make an ad with the Premier League team, the first to support a low-class team.

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Source: EIN Presswire