4 Common Problems to Look for When Buying an Older Home With Suzanne Delyon

Suzanne Delyon

Suzanne Delyon

Real Estate Expert, Suzanne Delyon, Helps Buyers Find the Right Home

MCLEAN, VIRGINIA, UNITED STATES, February 21, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Potential home buyers are often drawn to older homes for their charm, location, and affordability. While modern homes may have problem free construction, older homes are typically in established neighborhoods with mature trees on nicely sized lots. If vintage charm and a large backyard are on your must have list, experienced real estate agent, Suzanne Delyon, suggests four issues to look for before signing the dotted line.

1. Check the Foundation

Older homes were typically built to last with thick stone foundations. Over time however, foundations can start to deteriorate or crack from weather and uneven, shifting ground. Bring a structural engineer to the home for a professional opinion on the soundness of the foundation. Repairing issues in the foundation can cost thousands of dollars, so it’s best to be prepared for any costs that will arise after purchase.

“Look for cracks in the drywall, on the ceiling, and in the floor,” suggests Suzanne Delyon. “Noticing small details like windows that don’t lock properly should impact your purchasing decision.”

2. Look for Electrical Issues

Outdated electrical systems start to deteriorate leading to fire safety concerns. Old panels may also not be able to withstand the demands of current, modern day appliances. Make sure all wiring meets current codes and standards, and keep in mind the costs associated with updating electrical systems.

Suzanne Delyon warns potential buyers to not only check the integrity of the electrical system, but to also make sure any changes were made by a licensed professional. Improper installation can lead to a whole new variety of problems.

3. Be Wary of Outdated Plumbing

An older home may look perfect from the outside, but Suzanne Delyon reminds buyers to look into the plumbing underground. After decades of use, plumbing can begin to decay if not maintained properly. While old plumbing should not keep you from purchasing the home of your dreams, it’s another big cost to factor into the budget. Left unresolved, a poorly functioning plumbing system can lead to water damage, changes in water pressure, or an increase in unwanted pests.

4. Inspect the Roof

A leaking roof can cause serious internal damage to the home and compromise its character. Take a close look at the ceiling for water spots and stains. Inspect the attic for moist areas and mold, which could lead to health problems down the road. Ask about roof maintenance and keep in mind the shape of the roof, as steep sides can drive the costs of repairs.

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