Interview with Anna Layza: Queen of Unicorns and one of the Brazil’s top digital influencers

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Anna Layza Kids

Anna Layza in New York City (Photo: Paulo Campos)

Anna Layza tells us in an exclusive interview about the drama she lived, her personal life and what she’s up to in 2019

ORLANDO, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, February 21, 2019 / — The Brazilian Youtuber Anna Layza is one of the most relevant digital influencers in her country, but not only there. She has a legion of fans around the globe, and more than 6.5 million subscribers to her "Hi Gorgeous" YouTube channel. She also has the world's largest unicorn-themed online store, Anna also bets on children's segment, with her channel "Anna Layza Kids", featuring versions of popular songs in Portuguese, English and Spanish. However, it may be just the beginning of her successful journey on the internet and also as an entrepreneur.

Precursor of the so-called "wave of unicorns”, which has reached people of all ages, including celebrities in Brazil and abroad, Anna talks to people from everywhere, and became one of the world’s most influent people in her segment. She lives in the United States, in Florida, but her followers, called “Unis", are from all continents. Anna Layza, (a.k.a "Queen Uni”) reached more than 300 million views on YouTube, and it’s still getting bigger.

Recently, Anna Layza went through the nightmare of having all her accounts and social media profiles invaded. She couldn’t login and almost lost access to her accounts for good, and her millions of fans got worried about it. But, fortunately, she’s back again.

Anna Layza tells us in an exclusive interview about the drama she lived, her personal life and what she’s up to in 2019.

Tell us a little bit about all you've experienced with the invasion of your accounts. How your fans' reacted to the sudden disappearance of your content on the internet. What's it like to be back?

Those were very difficult days. I was very scared and afraid of losing everything I’ve posted along all these years. But my greatest concern was seeing the Unis suffering because of my absence. I got very disappointed. Even sad and very shaken, I never stopped believing that everything would work out in the end. And I owe it to the Unis. Being back is wonderful! It is like to be sure once again that everything is possible when you believe; surely it is the divine justice and a proof that God is always looking out for us all.

Your fans are your biggest supporters. How important to you is the motivation you’ve been receiving from them?

Oh, I'm so grateful for my Unis. They have made and have been making all the difference in every phase of my life. Their unconditional, pure and positive love is able to recharge my battery, and give me energy to go on. I wouldn’t get here if weren't because of all of them. Everything I do, it’s because of them, always with love and a grateful heart.

Tell us about your new projects for 2019

There are so many projects in my mind for 2019. Some will take a little longer to happen, due to all the inconveniences I've been through on this last month, but by now, I can tell you that we will launch another channel on YouTube, the "Pretend Play By Anna Layza”, for my US fans.

The "Hi Gorgeous" channel will have now playful content in versions of "cool" stories, in parallel with the contents of the channel. We will also have the 5th edition of the UNICORNIO PARTY. We’re also developing an app for mobile and a new and improved layout for the online store

What can we expect for Anna Layza Kids this year? What are your expectations for this year?

I love making videos for the Anna Layza Kids channel. People don't know, but one of my hobbies is singing! The expectation for the channel are the highest. I already have been working a lot on it. Our goal is to upload more videos there, with content that brings bring joy, knowledge and culture to children using the music. It's a channel with content approved for all audiences. Let's sing, learn and play a lot. That's my desire.

Today you are one of the children’s top influencers in Brazil and one of the most relevant digital influencers in the world in the theme of unicorns. How did you get here? Tell us about your journey towards your dreams.

I use to say that the UNIS are the ones who chose me, and being able to be myself and doing what I really love is something sensational. The channel came about 3 years ago, when I moved from Boston to Windermere, Florida, in 2015. I thought it’d be nice to record some videos in Portuguese about my life outside Brazil, and then channel came out like this.

I started to record videos because I missed my years as a model and my former career. So, my videos had tips for my friends, I shared my things, and my world on the social networks. Until the day I decided to post it on YouTube and I began to attract with my content an audience that I did not even imagine they'd be interested on me.

For those who look from the outside, everything in my life may seem very simple, easy, colorful, because people do not have the opportunity to know my history and the way until here, the backstage of our lives. But I would say it all started when I was a teenager and I came to the United States to study.

I did many things in my life until the launching of the YouTube channel. I worked as a manager of a coffee shop and a pizzeria in Rhode Island. I worked as a model, doing photo shootings and fashion shows. I also worked with photography. Then, one day, spontaneously, I started to share on Snapchat the things I love, my colorful unicorn world, travel advices and how is life outside Brazil, and then I got the sympathy of people, and the number of my followers started growing. Everything else came as a consequence of this.

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