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Finally, a medical record system that meets everyone’s needs today!

BROWNSVILLE, VERMONT, USA, May 22, 2019 / — Patients, physicians, employers and members of Congress are angry at the high cost of healthcare and the inability of physicians to share their patients’ medical records which contributes to the high costs and reduces the quality of care. They finally are demanding that a patient’s complete medical record be available anytime, anywhere.

MedKaz is the one system that does just that, and more. It gives patients control of all their records. They are stored on their MedKaz, a simple-but-powerful device they carry on their keychain or wear as a pendant. And, like insurance, it’s there when they need it: when traveling, in an emergency or when they see their physicians at home. In each case, they give it to their care provider in the exam room so he or she understands their issues and avoids costly mistakes and unnecessary visits, tests, and procedures. It also saves care providers time with each patient, and generates new revenue for them. Bottom line, patients enjoy better care and save deductibles and copays. Employers and other payers enjoy lower health insurance costs.

To seize the moment and get its message out, MedKaz is launching a new marketing program to be funded by a recently launched Indiegogo campaign. As a reward for supporting the campaign, contributors can purchase a MedKaz for themselves and their families at a 40% discount, or other rewards. The Indiegogo site explains what MedKaz is and what makes it so special.

Merle Bushkin, Founder & CEO of MedKaz, comments: “The need for physicians to access a patient’s complete medical record from all their providers has reached a tipping point. After years of frustration and great expense, patients, physicians, employers, Congress are finally saying ‘enough.’ They want to improve care and reduce its cost now! They demand change and are actively looking for new approaches and solutions to achieve it. MedKaz does precisely what they want, and more!”

“But because MedKaz is different from anything anyone has seen in healthcare, people don’t quite know what to make of it — and their assumptions about it are usually wrong. If they visit our Indiegogo site, they’ll learn how it really works and get answers to their questions. And when they get their own MedKaz, they’ll see for themselves how easy it is to use, how powerful it is and how everyone benefits from it. Our planned new marketing program is designed to accomplish the same thing only with more people.”

“We’d like everyone to contribute to our campaign in one way or another. Even if they opt to not get their MedKaz today, we hope they will contribute any amount they like, tell their friends and family about MedKaz, and suggest they visit our Indiegogo site to learn how MedKaz can help them get better care and save money.


MedKaz is an application, system and communication platform all rolled into one. It gives patients control of their lifetime health record from all their care providers. It assembles all their records from all their providers and the MedKaz application to manage them, on a MedKaz minidrive that they share with their care providers in the exam room. Following a visit, it is updated for them and they can use its Targeted Record Sharing capability to automatically share the record of the encounter with their other providers and family members. This unmatched flexibility benefits everyone concerned with healthcare.

MedKaz is the only system that works all the time, even during power and internet outages and natural disasters. All it needs is a charged computer. It requires no special training, is easy to use, secure, affordable, self-financing and available today. Physicians use it alongside their charting system. It saves them time, increases their income, blends seamlessly with their established workflow and enables them to deliver better, coordinated, lower-cost care. MedKaz was conceived, designed, patented (US Patent No. 8,180,654) and is offered by Health Record Corporation, based in Brownsville, VT.

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