Oi’s Research Shows Many NZ Women Don’t Know What’s in Their Period Products

Oi provides a full range of feminine hygiene products, including tampons, pads and a form-fitting cup.

Research shows that what's in Period Products matters as long as consumers can trust there are no embarrassing leaks.

AUCKLAND, AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND, November 20, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Research conducted by Organic Initiative (Oi) shows that what people with periods want in organic feminine hygiene products is simple: 1) don’t ever embarrass me and 2) the product better be comfortable. In short, people want assurances the feminine hygiene product they choose will work!

The research also showed that many women still don’t know what is in their tampons and pads. When they found out many brands contained synthetics, and that the cotton was sprayed with chemicals, respondents were shocked.

Oi is a New Zealand-based company with a product range made with pure, 100% certified organic cotton tampons and pads, and a form-fitting reusable Oi Cup. Oi launched in New Zealand in 2015, and the U.S. in 2018. Since its inception, Oi and its CEO and co-founder Helen Robinson have had a singular mission…to take plastics out of hygiene products, beginning with feminine hygiene.

“We know that a growing number of people with periods are interested in products that are organic and more earth-friendly,” said Robinson, who was also the former head of Microsoft in New Zealand. “People want to take simple steps to save the environment. But it can’t be at the expense of reliability and comfort. Step one for us is to educate consumers on how great today’s organic products are. Step two is to assure them they can have it all: comfort, safety, and an environmentally friendly product.”

In New Zealand, a recent BlackBox survey with 2500 people who tried either Oi organic tampons or pads, 3 out of 4 say they’d switch, and 84 percent would recommend them. The two main reasons given were being better for their long-term health and the environment.

Overall, the survey showed that at the top on the list of priorities for tampon and pad users were safety and comfort, with price coming in a close third. The research also showed that most consumers don’t know what’s in their tampons and pads (because the large manufacturers don’t print ingredients on the label).

The survey then asked what respondents thought was stopping people from switching to biodegradable organic cotton tampons and pads. Respondents noted that consumers needed more education about what’s in their product as well as the impact non-organic tampons and pads have on their bodies and the environment. Those surveyed were also surprised to learn that because of the synthetics used, the average tampon or pad takes up to 500 years to biodegrade. However, even with that knowledge, they still wanted assurance that organic cotton worked before considering.

“I understand that consumers need assurance that their period products are safe and effective,” said Robinson. “Organic cotton is one of the most naturally absorbent, breathable, and comfortable products on the planet. We conducted a lot of research during our development phase and discovered that cotton absorbs 27-times its weight in liquid. It’s an amazing fiber and a super effective and comfortable product for feminine hygiene.”

Cotton is also non-irritating. Many women who are unable to use traditional tampons or pads made with chemicals and synthetics can easily tolerate organic cotton products and report what a game-changer Oi is for them.

A growing recognition as to the value of products like Oi has helped to propel the organic tampon marketplace to significant growth over the past year. Analysts predict the product category globally will reach $17.6 billion by 2021. In New Zealand, the range is now available in all leading supermarkets, The Warehouse and select pharmacies and Health stores so that they are affordable and accessible.

For more information about Oi, visit www.oi4me.com – #changeyourworldthismonth.

About Organic Initiative
Organic Initiative (Oi) is a New Zealand-originated company focused on removing plastic, synthetics and chemicals from hygiene products, for our bodies and the environment. Oi’s range delivers premium, organic, healthy, and yet affordable women’s menstrual management products. Oi’s tampons, pads and liners are certified organic by BioGro and the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and can be found in mass retail, drug stores and supermarkets, as well as online. Oi also has the reusable menstrual cup, the Oi Cup. For more information, see www.oi4me.com.

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