Unleashed. Blockchain & creative services merge in world’s first Initial Voucher Offering

The Unleashed Creative Agency and Platform

The Unleashed Agency and Platform

Glen Cameron, Co Founder of Unlshd

Glen Cameron, Co Founder of Unlshd

Tom Eslinger, Co Founder of Unlshd

Tom Eslinger, Co Founder of Unlshd

Blockchain, Smart Contracts, Client Apps all to generate massive savings and enhanced creativity for the UNLSHD Advertising Agency and its new clients.

This is not for everyone, but it is for those who believe that advertising can be done better, faster, and happier”

— Tom Eslinger

TALLINN, ESTONIA, November 19, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — The Unleashed Agency and Platform

Advertising agencies and blockchain have finally learned to tango with the launch of UNLSHD (Unleashed) – a new online platform and app supporting a full-service creative and consulting agency.

The brainchild of industry veterans Tom Eslinger, former Global Chief Digital Creative Director for Saatchi & Saatchi Worldwide and Glen Cameron, CEO of Pepe Burton Global, UNLSHD sets the new industry standard for creativity and transparency in a business more traditionally associated with smoke & mirrors & creative billing.

“This is not for everyone, but it is for those who believe that advertising can be done better, faster, and happier” said Eslinger.

“For a supposedly creative industry we have been amazingly slow to find creative new ways of doing business. It’s the same old model, squeezing out lesser results, and more often than not the most creative thing an agency produces is the invoice.

"We’re shaking things up. Clients will decide if they share our vision of the future” said Eslinger.

“Blockchain is a huge and democratic force for good in our world, and we’re the first to embrace it from the creative agency side, integrating it into our platform and underpinning the way we do business.

It’s all about giving clients full transparency.

Clients want to work closely with the top people, get great, powerful ideas at a fair price, reduce their stress and know where their time and money are going in the process. That's how we've designed our business.”

Following a successful seed round UNLSHD started trading in July 2019 and already work with a diverse portfolio of FinTech, blockchain and so called “traditional” clients, all keen to be part of another ground-breaking innovation – the world’s first IVO (Initial Voucher Offering).

Unlike a traditional ICO, UNLSHD offer a value-backed crypto-token in the form of a voucher which gives holders service hours provided by the agency’s world-class talent pool via its online platform and mobile apps. It can also be treated as a stand-alone tradeable currency.

Eslinger continues: “Buying and using KIBL gives start-ups & SMEs access to some of the very best creative, consulting and production which they otherwise wouldn’t be able to find or afford.”

UNLSHD is putting the client first, giving them total control and transparency over budgets and burn, the creative process and everything in between. Savings in cost, stress and time are considerable.


Tom Eslinger, Co-Founder

Tom is the ex-Global Creative Director of Digital for Saatchi & Saatchi Worldwide. He’s an Executive Creative Director with 20+ years of global experience leading teams and creating internationally awarded creative ideas that work hard for brands. He has over 500 international advertising and design awards and appeared on five Cannes Lions juries. Tom established integrated digital capabilities in 22 Saatchi offices and sat on the Worldwide Creative Board of Directors.

Glen Cameron, Co-Founder

Glen has worked closely on PR, communication, strategy and business development with the very top leaders in their fields around the globe over the last 17 years. Some of his clients have included the former long-time Saatchi & Saatchi CEO Kevin Roberts, renowned football manager Carlo Ancelotti and teams at the Asian and Commonwealth Games. Glen is an expatriate New Zealander, educated at University of Technology, Sydney and Murdoch University, Western Australia.


Notes for Editors.

About UNlshd

Using blockchain verification, client-controlled and app-based workflow management, UNLSHD offers a bespoke interaction amongst a top-level ecosystem of marketing and communications talent. The platform is transparent with pricing, uber competitive speed, and a talent structure that is an innovative response to industry challenges.

UNLSHD has established working locations across the globe, with staff and contributors in Sydney and Wellington, Milan, London, New York and Tallinn.

UNLSHD was founded in Estonia, due to the country’s exceptionally innovative digital environment. UNLSHD encourages others to look at partnering with the vibrant community, blue-sky thinking, and can-do attitude found in Tallinn.

What is the UNLSHD platform?

The UNLSHD platform is a blockchain-based time, cost, money, energy and sanity saver built on a desktop and integrated mobile app that allows the client to control the evolution of any project. The platform eliminates the need for multiple account managers, duplication costs, endless mass conference calls, client chasing, and data loss.

A truly new conception, it is best defined by what it is not. It is not a project management system, but it does that. It is not an escrow only system, but it reconciles fees daily to all participants. It is not a database, but it collects huge amounts of information. It is not a lawyer, but blockchain verifies everything in perpetuity.

The platform is operated by a dedicated crypto-token, named KIBL (KIBL), purchased or acquired by a client and spent in advance by a client as a kind of pre-pay of a small or large block of advertising services.

Leftover KIBL may appreciate, hold or drop in value over time, and will eventually be listed on an exchange.

Importantly KIBL is essentially a Voucher against hours to be spent by UNLSHD.

Important dates

Official sale: IVO sale began October 29th. Vouchers will be sold with a further 10% discount off the already highly competitive rates.

April 2020: Potential listing of KIBL token on crypto-exchanges, allowing price speculation and market evaluation of UNLSHD.

UNLSHD work closely with the highly respected Ethical ICO on our token sale and blockchain strategy https://www.ethicalico.co

Media Contacts

For North America:

Matthew Machucki
Director of Operations UNLSHD matthew@unlshd.world

For UK, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Latin America:

Glen Cameron
Co-Founder UNLSHD glen@unlshd.world

For North America, Australia, NZ, Asia

Tom Eslinger
Co-Founder UNLSHD tom@unlshd.world


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