Israeli Ministry of Education Discrimination Against Religious Schools Despite Coming Elections

Religious Leaders Ignore the Pushing of Students into Mixed Schools by Denying Financial Support

JERUSALEM, ISRAEL, January 15, 2020 / — Although Israel is a Jewish State and the Minister of Education, Rafael “Rafi” Peretz is an Orthodox Rabbi, the Ministry of Education refuses to assist parents who send their children to traditional religious schools with the funding of bus services because these schools do not have mixed gender classes. Despite the fact that these traditional schools follow all the educational standards and protocols of the Ministry of Education the students are disqualified from receiving financial assistance because they are taught in a same gender environment. Meir Porush, who is currently the deputy director of the Ministry of Education, is an ultra-Orthodox politician who has been a member of the Knesset since 1996 is also taking a hands-off approach as Rafi Peretz regarding this issue. If these religious figures have been elected to represent their constituents turn a blind eye to the blatant discrimination against religious education, why should they be even considered to be re-elected.

We reached out to the Ministry of Education as well as Meir Porush directly to have some constructive movement in a direction to assist students who attend religious schools. Unfortunately, our requests were met with a studding response. “The policy of the Ministry of Education is to not provide any financial assistance in transportation of students who attend separate gender schools. This policy is in place and cannot be changed at present.” We were surprised that more religious groups and parents were not taking to the streets in protest over such a shocking stand. Perhaps it is because the Ministry is a maze of phone numbers that do not lead to any live person or that no one actually ever will return a call. This is exacerbated by the fact that no one wants to take responsibility and thus passes requests to another individual until the final stamp of denial is given.

Unfortunately, it is simply a sad situation of a huge bureaucracy that has its own agenda and is not being influenced by the leaders that are appointed by the people. The machine of the Ministry of Education is on autopilot with the underlings who have been in their non-elected position for decades pushing an agenda of the gradual disintegration of the traditional Jewish educational system in favor of a more liberal, albeit discriminatory, course.
With the elections coming up. Every religious voter needs to consider the outrage of perpetuating this deterioration of our values.

If the officials we elect continue to ignore our mandates, then why elect them? The positive outcome is that we have put together a letter of protest that has already been signed by 3,000 people in one day. Perhaps when this becomes even larger, the religious political leaders will start to pay attention.

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Source: EIN Presswire