New Startup Managed Licensed Search Squared(MLS2) Gives Users Copyright Control Over Their Online Data

Rather Than the Current Free Unregulated Use, Consumers Would Receive Royalty Payments and Control How Their Data is Used

SANTA ROSA, CA, UNITED STATES, March 26, 2020 / — Just like any other creation such as a book or illustration, individual consumers automatically own the copyright on the data they generate browsing online. So what if consumers could not only receive a royalty payment from the big tech firms but also apply stipulations to the use of that data? Instead of the unpaid, uncontrolled and secretive system currently in place, a new startup called Managed Licensed Search Squared (MLS2) aims to do just that – using a patent-pending system the company plans to create a new marketplace where consumer data is a commodity firmly managed by the consumers producing it with tech companies bidding on the rights. For companies who don’t pay royalties, MLS2 sends a cease and desist order to Google, Facebook and other data-mining corporations.

MLS2 is a simple to use website that allows any consumer to register, login and review how their data is being used, by whom and see how much they will be paid to allow its continued use. The consumer may place categorical restrictions on what is used and how it’s used. The more the data licensed for use by companies, the more income the consumer receives but depending on a consumer’s demographic profile and their online activities, some data is more valuable than others. MLS2 includes a real-time meter which estimates and tracks what the value of that data is to vendors. When any data is purchased, the consumer will receive a direct cash royalty as the author of that data.

“It’s your data – get paid for it,” says Scott Wolmuth, founder and CEO of Managed Licensed Search Squared. “At the same time that your data is earning thousands of dollars for the world’s largest corporations, they don’t give you a dime for it and usually you don’t know where or when it is being used. That paradigm can be turned on its head with MLS2.”

Considering a search engine can sell consumer data for as much as $20 to $50 per click, with hundreds or thousands of clicks and individual can be worth thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Managed Licensed Search Squared estimates that over a lifetime of online activity, advertisers could pay out at much as $1 million per consumer to gain that insight. Even if a person doesn’t spend very much money online, their personal, professional and family details can be revealed with all those connections a prime commodity for advertisers, one which can be seamlessly managed by MLS2.

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Source: EIN Presswire