Productive Robotics Secures Patent for OB7 Cobot's Signature 7-Axis Robot Design

OB7 can be used for all sorts of manufacturing tasks, including CNC machine tending.

OB7 7-axis cobot provides ultimate flexibility and ease of use.

With a simple “no programming” user interface, OB7 7-axis cobot can be taught easily and quickly.

Productive Robotics Secures Patent US D865 for OB7 Cobot's Signature 7-Axis Robot Design, marking its first official patent.

The 7-axis design is a key advantage. It means that the cobot can be offset from the position a person would occupy to allow easy access to change tools or make adjustments.”

— Zac Bogart – President, Productive Robotics

CARPINTERIA, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, April 6, 2020 / — Productive Robotics, Inc., the Santa Barbara, CA-based manufacturer and designer of industrial robots, announces the issuance of design patent US D865,828 by the United States Patent and Trademark Office for the 7-axis collaborative robotic arm of its industrial manufacturing robot, OB7. This patent covers OB7's unique 7-axis cobot design.

"The 7th axis is the key advantage of OB7," said Zac Bogart, president and CEO of Productive Robotics. "It means that the cobot can be offset from the position a person would occupy to allow easy access to change tools or make adjustments. Cobots with fewer axes lack the ability to reach around and become obstacles anyone trying to reach the machinery."

As a 7-axis cobot, OB7 also provides greater maneuverability and flexibility comparable to a human arm, allowing it to work in more confined and tight spaces. As a collaborative robot, it can safely work alongside human operators and does not require caging or fencing.

"New robotics and automation technologies continue to emerge and the market is growing increasingly competitive, but above all, customers want solutions that are fast to deploy and affordable, require minimal complex integration, and a high return on investment," said Bogart. OB7 provides this with its landmark 7-axis design and the ease of which existing teams can assemble and teach it tasks with minimal outside support.

With all-inclusive packages available, the 7-axis OB7 provides a cost-efficient solution to robotic automation for small to medium sized businesses. The robot learns through physical demonstration, so operators can easily teach OB7 a task in minutes and begin automating their production the same day. OB7 can support all areas of manufacturing in medical, aerospace, automotive, metal and machinery, plastics injection molding, food and beverage, and science and research industries.

Patent D865,828 is one of several patents filed by Productive Robotics. Manufactured and designed in the USA, OB7 7-Axis Cobot is the quintessential robotic product that is backed by American design, engineering, and a superior support team.

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OB7 saves time and increases production for Swiss Manufacturing, one of the top 5 manufacturers of micro machine, precision parts and components.

Source: EIN Presswire