George Mckee DDS Lists the Most Common Oral Surgeries in the United States

George McKee DDS

George McKee DDS

MEDFORD, OR, USA, August 6, 2020 / — According to George Mckee DDS, the effectiveness of oral surgery makes many modern procedures extremely popular.
Dental procedures have gotten more and more common as technology advanced. Adults suffer from a variety of oral problems that range from cosmetic fixes to serious surgeries. Although you might feel alone, millions of people undergo oral surgeries in the United States each year. George Mckee DDS lists the most common procedures.

1. Wisdom Teeth

The most common of all surgeries is wisdom teeth removal. The average-sized mouth does not have room for the extra set of teeth in the very back of the mouth. According to George Mckee DDS, keeping wisdom teeth can do more harm than good. Many patients experience jaw pain, crowded teeth, and uneven bites.

Advancements in the procedure have made it much easier than ever before. George Mckee DDS notes that most patients receive anesthesia and recovery quickly from home with over-the-counter pain medications. Oral surgeons know how important it is to be gentle and efficient.

2. Dental Implants

According to George Mckee DDS, dental implants are the second most popular oral surgery in the country. Humans cannot replace missing or damaged teeth, which means many must turn to artificial implants. Although this one sounds scary, the success rate for dental implants is extremely high. George Mckee DDS notes that after recovery, patients can return to chewing and smiling normally. Many people feel they work and look even better than their natural teeth.

3. Bone Grafting

If a patient loses a tooth and chooses to leave the space open, the jawbone will weaken over time. George Mckee DDS notes that once the jawbone is weakened or reabsorbed, it is no longer possible to get a dental implant. In these instances, oral surgeons must use bone grafting to strengthen areas of the jawbone. George Mckee DDS explains that once the right spots are targeted, the patient has the opportunity to receive an implant.

4. Corrective Jaw

When the jaw is not aligned properly, people may experience difficulty with eating, speaking, and breathing. Sometimes, a misaligned jaw can be fixed with braces by correcting the position of teeth. However, corrective jaw surgeries are often needed to realign the mouth. George Mckee DDS notes that symptoms of a misaligned jaw include headaches, migraines, tooth wear, TMJ, vertigo, and tinnitus. A specialist will be able to identify the cause and offer the right treatment.

About George Mckee DDS:

George Mckee DDS graduated from the University of the Pacific School of Dentistry in San Francisco in 1979. He started and ran a successful cosmetic reconstructive practice in California for over 20 years. George Mckee DDS has earned advanced certification in cosmetic dentistry, laser dentistry, implantology, and endodontics. He has also practiced dentistry and management in Portugal, Dubai, and Muscat.

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George McKee DDS

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