Heropreneur Academy Founder offers Free Entrepreneurship Program for Veterans

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Aaron Bare Co-Founder of Herozona Foundation Speaks about Entrepreneurship on The David Johnson Show

Aaron Bare, co-founder of Herozona Foundation, shares insights and opportunities on entrepreneurship for military veterans on “The David Johnson Show”

We’re thrilled to offer veterans the chance to engage in the act of entrepreneurship in the Heropreneur Academy.”

— Aaron Bare, co-founder of HeroZona

PHOENIX, AZ, UNITED STATES, August 6, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — On the latest episode of “The David Johnson Show”, a national voice that talks about points of interest within the post 9/11 military and veteran culture, David speaks with Aaron Bare, a multi-talented entrepreneur who is co-founder of the HeroZona Foundation, which serves the Arizona veteran community and national veteran interests.

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Aaron Bare calls himself a “micro-entrepreneur”, meaning he’s used a model to start a lot of different companies (3 non-profits, 12 companies sold) and then finds management teams to take them and accelerate them. Aaron’s experience helps veterans to really understand the process to move from having a great idea, to put it into practice in a business solution.

On the show, David Johnson speaks with Aaron about a new program he’s launching – the Heropreneur Academy – an entrepreneurial incubator designed specifically for active military veterans and their spouses to teach and promote entrepreneurship.

“We’re thrilled to offer veterans the chance to engage in the act of entrepreneurship in the Heropreneur Academy,” said Bare. “We'll specifically have a channel that's free for veterans to basically go through our entrepreneurship courses that will run through the Arizona Accelerator.
This is our education-based non-profit that helps accelerate ideas into products.

Bare notes that the Foundation's free course will help veterans basically incubate their idea, test to see if it solves a problem for consumers, and see how it tests with customers.

“We base our program for veterans on traction-based metrics and evidence-based entrepreneurship and innovation,” says Bare. “Once we help veterans figure out the problem-solution fit, then we go on to the product-market fit and put the entrepreneur through the real-life test of seeing if this great idea has legs in the marketplace. Who is the customer? Will they purchase this product or service? How are we going to drive this?”

As part of his work with Herozona Foundation, Aaron has also been involved with the annual Herozona Summit, an event for veterans that is focused on entrepreneurship, employment and education. The hiring component of HeroZona has been very successful in bringing veterans to jobs all over the region.

Currently, Aaron Bare is Co-Founder & Vice-Chairman of HeroZona Foundation; Founder of Namaste Republic, the Arizona Accelerator, & Author of Reimagining Innovation. He also teaches courses on entrepreneurship and innovation and has a wide-ranging background in entrepreneurial business. Learn more about this fascinating entrepreneur on this episode of “The David Johnson Show”.

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