Letting Go and Letting God: A Story about His Transforming Spirit

Knowing that He Will: Experiencing God's Transforming Power

Knowing that He Will: Experiencing God’s Transforming Power

Surrendering not to problems but to the Lord

COOKSTOWN, NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES, October 30, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — The world manifests itself in mysterious yet surprising ways. While our life experiences turn out to be tough at most times, it is also our strength and courage to move past our personal challenges that will encourage us to soldier on. But what if we can’t find it in ourselves the strength to confront the problems we are facing? The book, Knowing That He Will: Experiencing God's Transforming Power, is all about one person’s experience about surrender—but not to their problems. It is about how the author, Janine Hall, found that the best way to overcome the obstacles along our way is to realize that we are not alone in our fights. Our will and power does not only come from ourselves, but also from our meaningful encounter with the Lord who works His way through us.

Janine Hall wrote the book coming out of her personal experience having intermittent depression. While many of us may have gone through the same situation, Hall takes us to her spiritual journey toward surrendering her problems to the Lord and how it helped her find the courage to move forward.

Hall graduated with an MA in special education and took special units in guidance and counseling. Through the book, Hall also shares her insights about other social issues we are facing today—identity theft, capital punishment, and mental health, among others. And in many of the situations she chose to tackle throughout every chapter of the book, Hall emphasizes God’s relevance and how he works behind the scenes.

The book is as natural as it is comforting. While Hall was not explicit as to her source of depression, she went on to talk about her personal and social concerns in a way that never forgets to relish the presence of the Lord in everything.

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