Rick Andreoli Montreal Releases Website on the Thrill of Hiking in Montreal

MONTREAL, QUéBEC, CANADA , October 30, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Individuals who enjoy exploring the great outdoors can now learn how to do this effectively—and in the stunning city of Montreal—through a brand-new microsite by hiking guru Rick Frank Andreoli of Montreal.

The new website is available at http://www.frankenricoandreolimontreal.com/. Andreoli said he launched the site because he has been a lover of nature for years and spends a large amount of time outdoors around, in, and even beyond Montreal. Specifically, he has a passion for hiking, which is why his new site offers a detailed rundown on the basics of this outdoor lover’s activity.

On the blog website, readers can learn about the gear they need, as well as how to prepare themselves for long treks. They can also delve into the many advantages of hiking.

For instance, the site offers essential information about objects such as compasses and maps. Readers can also learn about the right safety equipment and footwear to use when going on even the most strenuous hikes. The site also offers information about how to use these various objects appropriately when hiking.

When it comes to taking long treks, Andreoli additionally providers pointers for working out ahead of time. For instance, hikers may want to strengthen their legs, perform some cardio, do some stretching, and fortify their upper bodies before hiking long distances.

When it comes to hiking’s many benefits, Andreoli calls attention to hiking’s social, physical, and mental benefits. He also highlights some of the most exciting places to go hiking in Montreal, including L’Escapade on Mount Rigaud.

Andreoli said his hope is that through the new website, readers can receive the information and the inspiration they need to tap into the benefits of hiking during the upcoming fall season. He also hopes that readers can learn the tips they need to hike correctly and confidently in the months and years ahead.

Rick Andreoli Montreal
Rick Andreoli Montreal
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