Critter Cops Pleads to Exercise Caution due to Rise in Pet Theft Throughout the Pandemic

Critter Cops Founder, Kelly Matthews, Advocating for stolen pets in Mexico

Critter Cops Founder, Kelly Matthews, Advocating for stolen pets in Mexico

International Lost and Stolen Pet Service "Critter Cops" is Warning Pet Owners to Beware of a Spike in Stolen Pets

pet theft is far more professional and advanced than it once was”

— Kelly Matthews

NEW YORK, NY, USA, November 22, 2020 / — Stolen pet experts, Critter Cops, are urging pet owners to exercise caution due to a rise in dog and cat thefts as more people seek company throughout the pandemic. Being an international stolen pet service, Critter Cops has identified a rising trend throughout the USA since the beginning of the first quarantine orders, with some areas showing as much as 5 times more thefts than previous years.

Critter Cops founder Kelly Matthews states the reason for the spike is due to a classic supply and demand problem. As the entire country spends more time in isolation, thousands more seek companionship from pets, playing into the hands of opportunistic thieves. Many dogs and cats are being stolen to sell to other unsuspecting people that are desperate for company – and are happy to pay handsomely! This has caused the average price of many breeds to sky rocket, making a lucrative income for criminals.

Due to Critter Cops worldwide presence, they have been able to accumulate theft data on a large scale to identify specific demographics that may be targeted. These include;

Those who work long hours away from home, such as emergency and front line workers.

Those who own the following breeds;
Labrador Retriever, German Shepherd, Pit Bull, Labradoodle, Chihuahua, French Bulldog, Boston Terrier, Maltese, Pomeranian or Yorkshire Terrier.

Other common theft indicators;

– ​If your pet is a pure bred/pedigree (not a mixed breed)
– If your pet is friendly to strangers (thieves will target pets that are easier to lure in fast)
– If your pet is still able to breed (have puppies)
– If your pet is young
– If you have noticed any unusual markings around your property such as some new paint spots on your fence or some material/ribbon (thieves often mark targeted properties to return to later)
– If your pet is large enough to be used for fighting purposes
– If your pet has a high resale value – this includes cats
– If any "friendly" strangers have recently taken an interest in your pet

Critter Cops advises pet owners with any of the above mentioned indicators to be vigilant over the coming months to ensure their fur family is protected. Leaving dogs tied up outside shops should be avoided at all costs. Don't leave your dog alone in your car, even if it's for a short time. At the sight of an expensive breed, thieves do not hesitate to break windows and escape unseen within seconds. If you walk your dog regularly, try changing routes now and then. Similarly, visit times to parks should be altered to break routines. When in said parks, it is recommended that you teach your dog a solid recall if they will be let off the leash.

Precautions do not just pertain to dogs. Cats should be kept inside at night when possible and rabbit hutches secured. Now would be a great time to repair any broken fences or places of entry that could be easily compromised. It’s a good idea to get your pet spayed or castrated to prevent them being a target for breeding farms. Neutered pets are much less appealing to thieves due to their inability to reproduce; consider adding an ‘I am neutered’ tag to their collar. When sharing lovable pet moments online, remember to turn off your location on your phone as broadcasting your pet's live location could compromise their safety if you have a large social media following.

Critter Cops founder Kelly Matthews said pet theft is far more professional and advanced than it once was. "I see so many owners comment on our Facebook page that it would never happen to them because they are responsible pet owners. It is so important to understand that many owners who fall victim to pet theft are not irresponsible. And often left traumatized afterwards. They have literally been duped by very cunning individuals who have many tricks of the trade. Thieves are often quite brazen and will strike in the light of day and with no warning, pets can disappear within seconds. Something as loving and responsible as engraving your pet's collar with their name could lead to theft as it makes it easier to lure them away when thieves can call their name. Victims of pet theft are not necessarily irresponsible owners, they are just unaware of how common it occurs and we are attempting to increase awareness to combat that."

Critter Cops are the most successful lost and stolen pet service in the world, offering specialized services for those who have been unfortunate enough to fall victim to pet theft. For further advice, visit

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