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Less than half of businesses are addressing climate change actions

Sustainability and climate change sentiment

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LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, November 25, 2020 / — The coronavirus pandemic has not diminished concerns about climate change, except in the United States where business and politicians remain divided.

While Echo Research’s latest poll shows that the majority of adults agree that they are changing their behaviour to lessen their impact on the environment – 62% of adults in the US and 52% of adults in the UK – just under half (47%) of all UK business leaders say they are taking measures to address climate change.

In online and social media discussions about climate change, only the United States features more criticism and denials among certain business leaders and mostly politicians, often split across partisan lines.

Although many companies focus on ‘survival’, people also want them also to focus on the ‘common good’. Addressing climate change would help accelerate the recovery with greater employment, investment and stimulus in the economy as highlighted by BlackRock’s call for improved standards, reporting and investment (#BLKSustainability).

Echo conducted an integrated study of stakeholder interviews, consumer polls and social listening to better frame and understand changes to Trust and Expectations at a time of COVID-19.

The full report by Echo Research, About Trust and Expectations at a Time of COVID, will be released later this week.

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