The wheels of justice can turn much faster in Madagascar now that every court can access an ultra-modern digital system.

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Integrated Omnis web application brings 21st-century technology to Malagasy judicial process

After previous failures encountered by the Malagasy administration, there were growing demands for a robust, modular, scalable and maintainable solution”

— Technical Director of Capdata Software Marcel Ramanantsoa

SAXMUNDHAM, SUFFOLK, UNITED KINGDOM, November 25, 2020 / — The wheels of justice can potentially turn much faster in Madagascar now that every court on the island has access to an ultra-modern digital system. Legacy IT networks and paper-based procedures have all gone, from now on Madagascar’s digital justice will be administered via a highly secure, paper-less office environment. The primary beneficiaries of this new upgrade – the outcome of a cooperative partnership between the State of Madagascar and the European Union – will be the island’s Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Finance. Capdata Software won the project tender, presenting a full web solution developed with Omnis Studio which exploits the no-fuss, multi-device, multi-platform connectivity Omnis JavaScript Client technology was designed for.

Anchoring this democratic republic’s justice system is a high-order challenge: the Omnis web application seamlessly manages three different types of Malagasy courts, meeting the daily demands of 20,000 users accessing a system spread across 19 different servers. The new, end-to-end system digitalisation encompasses the entire judicial framework, right through to the drafting of the final judgement. This requires substantial administrative support including the digitisation of every kind of court document, and the use of an advanced text editor to facilitate the production and handling of a vast array of legal templates in two languages. What it also requires is the trademark stability and rock-steady assurance Omnis now delivers behind the scenes.

Modern standards of legal transparency also create heavy demands for rigorous authenticity and high-profile security. So Madagascar’s new, Omnis-inspired court system must now be on constant standby ready to certify all documents using QR code readers and identification keys, while also implementing robust data security, processing cloud backups, and maintaining a state-of-the-art PostgreSQL database to keep track of everything.

Technical Director of Capdata Software Marcel Ramanantsoa explains why Omnis Studio was the obvious choice for such a task: “After previous failures encountered by the Malagasy administration, there were growing demands for a robust, modular, scalable and maintainable solution … Omnis Studio made it possible to respond coherently, effectively and completely to the technical and architectural needs of the project.”

And commenting on the decision to deploy the Omnis JavaScript Client, Mr Ramanantsoa added: “We chose the Omnis JavaScript Client technology for this project because of its efficiency in development, as well as its speed and simplicity of deployment. Omnis Studio allows powerful UI development and allows us to react immediately to any user requirements and requested modifications.”

The NFD project

This productive collaboration between Madagascar and the EU is just one part of an ongoing NFD project (in Malagasy, Ny Fanjakana ho an’ ny Daholo be: “Administration for All”) which aims to support the establishment of good governance, and seeks to modernise the state administration.

Noting the important contribution this judicial project has already made to the NFD scheme, Mr Ramanantsoa said: “The project has been welcomed by the European Union and the Ministry of Justice since the implementation of the entire solution makes it possible to take a major step forward in the digital transformation of the Administration.”

Capdata Software

Specialists in web and mobile solutions, Capdata Software have extensive experience in application development with Omnis Studio. Their application development team focus on proven and emerging technologies, using this knowledge to create reliable, innovative solutions. Capdata Software certainly understand the challenge of data mobility – one of their real strengths is developing and using APIs to link existing information networks, automating data transfer and thus significantly reducing manual input.

Omnis Studio

Omnis Studio 10 is a productive and flexible development environment designed to facilitate serious connectivity and integration where compromise is not an option. One defining Omnis Studio feature is its unique, easy-to-learn programming language: Each app is only coded once, and then runs on literally every device, browser and operating system – giving you total network compatibility and unrivalled, cross-platform access and communication. And less manual input means you achieve the same functionality with smaller development teams, saving money and getting your ideas on to the market far sooner.

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Over four decades, Omnis has continued to evolve and support software developers across all business sectors. The company’s vast experience in cross-platform development means it now offers one of the most mature and powerful application development environments found on the market. With flexibility built into its core DNA, Omnis Studio is the perfect choice for today’s commercial environments which call for all kinds of multi-tier, enterprise-wide, and web-based applications. In our convergent, interactive world where change is certain, yet everything else is up for grabs, Omnis just becomes more indispensable.

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