RobRoySW: Pledge to Kickstarter Campaign!

This press release is to highlight a Kickstarter campaign to fund an up-and-coming gender-fluid fashion line called RobRoySW.

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON, USA, January 19, 2021 / — RobRoySW: A Fashion Line for She/They/He/Fluid

Brand Philosophy:
RobRoy Chalmers has a strong passion for his RobRoySW fashion line.

In RobRoy’s words: “As a GenderFluid man and Drag Queen, I believe everyone should feel comfortable in their body and feel great about how they dress. I do not want to neutralize or be gender free, rather, I want to embrace both my feminine and masculine side all at once. The line of clothing I am looking to create will push these boundaries and allow all of us in the Fluid community to express ourselves in new and fun ways. My line will not be limited to the Gender-Fluid community.

While my eventual goal for RobRoySW is a complete line of clothing embracing all gender identifications, for this Kickstarter, I will focus on T-shirts & Jeans.

With your help, RobRoySW will become a premium brand that appeals to a diverse audience unifying people through the common ground of love and fashion.”

Company information:
“I have partnered with Timothy Peterson, who has years of experience in the apparel industry and knows the inner workings of supply chain and factories. His input and advice has been invaluable to this date and his involvement in this project assures me of its business success, if we can get it off the ground.”

Rewards for Pledging:
“My rewards for donations will all be handmade items and completely unique to the donor. From rivet embellished t-shirts, with your choice of gender symbol and up-cycled jeans to custom hand bags and combinations of all.

For those donating over a thousand dollars, I will design a couture outfit after we have spoken about what you love. All of my rewards will be unique up-cycled items with bleach embellishment and hand modification including weaving fabrics into the jeans and custom pockets.”

Join those who have already pledged for this up-and-coming gender-fluid fashion line!

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Source: EIN Presswire