Shavon Dion Bethel Discusses the Numerous Benefits of Volunteering

Shavon Dion Bethel recently discussed the many physical and mental benefits of volunteering

NASSAU , BAHAMAS, March 5, 2021 / — Volunteering aids individuals and the community as a whole. It also greatly improves the lives of those doing the volunteering. However, many people don't believe they have time to invest in volunteering. Shavon Dion Bethel recently discussed why you should make volunteering a priority in your life.

"Giving through the act of volunteering can improve your mental and physical health," Shavon Dion Bethel said. "This is all in addition to benefiting your surrounding community."

Shavon Dion Bethel explained that volunteering is extremely beneficial for mental health. It offers individuals meaningful connections to one another, and this can have a major positive effect on your psychological health. Volunteering, especially when working with animals, has been proven to reduce anger, stress, and anxiety.

"Volunteering can be an excellent tool for fighting depression," Shavon Dion Bethel said. "It encourages you to socialize with others and allows you to develop a support system of positive people."

Shavon Dion Bethel added that volunteering encourages a sense of purpose as well as self-confidence. Helping others in the community encourages feelings of accomplishment, and it offers an opportunity to give your life more meaning. Shavon Dion Bethel explained that volunteering can be especially beneficial for older individuals who are retired or have lost their spouses. This is an age group that could spend too much time at home not socializing or performing physical exercise. Volunteering provides exercise, social interaction, and a purpose.

"You're probably not volunteering solely to advance your career," Shavon Dion Bethel said, "But it can definitely do that.

Shavon Dion Bethel explained that volunteering can provide career experience if you choose a volunteer effort related to your occupation. Some volunteering programs provide training for more specialized activities. For instance, you could learn in-depth historical information by volunteering at a museum or learn to counsel others during crises by volunteering at a shelter.

Shavon Dion Bethel added that the connections you make through volunteering could help your career or offer new career opportunities. Learning new skills and networking come with nearly every volunteer experience.

"Volunteering helps individuals stay in superior physical health, especially those who are volunteering at an older age," Shavon Dion Bethel said.
Studies have shown there is a lower mortality rate for individuals who volunteer than for those who don't. Volunteering encourages individuals to walk more and perform a multitude of physical tasks. Even volunteering in a retail setting involves stocking the shelves, carrying heavy items, and logging a lot of steps. This can lead to a reduced risk of heart disease and less chronic pain.

Shavon Dion Bethel finished by stating that there is a multitude of volunteer opportunities available in nearly every country, city, and town. The type of volunteer work you choose should be based on your individual interests and goals and not someone else’s.

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