The Isophit & Kinvent Partnership Aims to Improve the Isometric Strength of Billions of People Throughout the World.

Thanks to our Isophit and Kinvent partnership. Measuring and improving isometric muscle strength has never been easier.

Isophit inventor Brad Thorpe demonstrates and measures an isometric push on the Isophit M.S.K with Kinvent’s KForce Plates.

Isometric Deadlift Strength is an important measure for general fitness, rehabilitation and sports performance. Isophit and Kinvent's partnership makes it easy for people to access this important strength metric..

Quickly measure your patients, clients or athletes Isometric Deadlift Strength with the Isophit M.S.K and Kinvent’s KForce Technology

Measuring and training unilateral leg strength with the Kinvent's KForce and Isophit M.S.K is an excellent way to monitor and improve the health and wellbeing as people age.

Having the ability to stagger the KForce Plates provides extreme versatility to create thousands of isometric testing protocols on the Isophit M.S.K

We believe that our partnership can help influence the lives of billions of people while saving nations trillions of dollars in avoidable healthcare expenses.

TORONTO, ON, CANADA, March 5, 2021 / — Press Release:

It is with great pleasure that Isophit® and Kinvent™ announce a new global partnership.

Over the next year, our goal is to integrate our technologies to bring an interactive, connected isometric strength training experience to the at-home and commercial fitness, sports performance, and healthcare industries.

Why is this important?

Poor isometric strength has been linked to many of today’s most undesirable health conditions. These conditions are the leading expenses for most nationalized and private healthcare costs. Poor isometric strength has been linked to hypertension, heart disease, stroke, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Disease, osteoporosis, muscle and joint pain, and obesity.

Additionally, poor isometric strength is a key indicator of injury risk potential and poor athletic performance.

This partnership will bring awareness to the importance of isometric strength monitoring and data collection and isometric strength training to the public-at-large. We believe that our combined efforts and products can help influence the lives of billions of people throughout the world while saving governments and private citizens trillions of dollars in avoidable and unnecessary healthcare expenditures.

Isophit® (Isologex Corp) is a Toronto-based exercise equipment developer and media company specializing in the design, development, and distribution of high-quality isometric exercise equipment, education, and media.

Kinvent Biomecanique is a Montpellier France-based technology company that designs, develops, and manufactures a suite of biomedical products that measure and record muscle force outputs for the sports performance, rehabilitation, and medical industries.

"This partnership gives Isophit the ability to measure, record strategically, and report upon the efforts of our Isophit community members across our entire product line. This partnership advances our technological initiatives by at least five years. I look forward to many years of collaboration and product development with our partners at K-invent."
~ Brad Thorpe, CEO, Isophit

"With the global push towards isometric force measurements and data monitoring in the professional sport, rehabilitation, and medical industries. It makes perfect sense for us to partner with Isophit at this time. Isophit is the global leader in producing and distributing high-quality isometric-based exercise equipment, education, and media."
~ Athanase Kollias, CEO, K-invent

With thousands of Isophit and Kinvent users across more than 30 countries, our key clients include the US Army, Mayo Clinic, EXOS, Canyon Ranch, Assistance Publique des Hopitaux de Paris, and the Boca West Country Club.

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