He purchased an affordable home in Italy. That is what occurred subsequent

(CNN) — Italy’s cheap homes bonanza continues to lure hundreds of interested buyers, despite the pandemic. But what happens once someone takes the plunge and invests their (small) chunk of change in a crumbling corner of a remote town?

For Roy Patrick, a 67-year-old British car and motorbike fanatic who bought an old school house in the northern mountain village of Carrega Ligure for about $16,500, it’s been an adventure — not without mishaps such as a falling chimney and a jammed door — and also a joy.

Patrick, from Oxford, bought the property after finding himself in the village, in the mountains on the border of Italy’s Piedmont and Ligure regions, almost by accident.

He arrived after disembarking from a post-divorce Mediterranean cruise in the port of Genoa, where he met people who told him about the wonders of the village. He decided to visit and take a look and was fascinated by the place.

After touring several old properties he fell in love with the 1930s school building…

Source: EIN Presswire