“SWEAT” reveals the perils of influencer fame

Written by Leah Dolan, CNN

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Sylwia is constantly being watched — first by her 600,000 Instagram followers, then by a man parked outside her apartment.

If you are fascinated by the landscape of internet celebrity and what lurks beneath, the Polish thriller “SWEAT” — part of the official selection at Cannes Film Festival 2020 — should leave you reeling.

Out in theaters in June and available on arthouse streaming service MUBI next month, the film takes a time-honored trope about the pitfalls of fame — loneliness, crumbling interpersonal relationships, a desperate need for validation — and modernizes it through the lens of social media influencing.

A strained relationship with her mother pushes Sylwia to search for support online. Credit: Michał Dymek/Lava Films

Source: EIN Presswire