“The $50 Billion Industry That No One Has Ever Heard Of”: Why a Lack of Translation and Localization Services Could Be Costing You Sales Every Day

June 23, 2022

/EIN News/ -- Cincinnati, OH, June 23, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- E-commerce business owners often take a traditional route to expanding their products and brand to reach a larger audience. They often target local or familiar markets, exhausting the list of potential consumers and arriving at the ceiling of their expansion. But the beauty and opportunity of e-commerce is that an online shop owner does not have to be limited to their local market. The reality is that the entire world can become a customer.

However, that is only true if they know how to reach their global audience. Without translation and localization services, e-commerce companies will be stuck in a small pond, unable to generate the type of revenue – or reach the wider audience – that their innovative products deserve. 

This is a common tale for e-commerce companies, and a problem that Jeff Weiser has been working to solve. He launched Go to Market with the goal of helping businesses rapidly expand into global markets by translating their online stores into the native language of consumers around the world. 

As Weiser explains, translation and localization services is a $50 billion industry in desperate need for a more personalized, agile solution.

“It is a $50 billion industry that no one has ever heard of, and most of it is done silently,” Weiser says. “We talk to people all the time, and everyone repeats the same thing over and over, that they have no idea where to go for an integral solution for translation.”

By leveraging innovative AI technology, language translation tools and platforms, and the world’s best linguists and translators, Go to Market - Translations & Consulting solves a vital problem for e-commerce business owners who have the right product or idea to expand internationally, but who often don’t know where to turn for help connecting with audiences in different countries.

Until now, successful e-commerce stores that are ready to expand into new markets discover that translating with the highest quality and a simple workflow is nearly impossible to attain. While there are automatic translation apps available, and translators are relatively easy to find, business owners often have to decide: would you rather spend your time managing translation, or selling more products to more people? Go to Market delivers a simple, streamlined method to translate and remain multilingual. Another factor that sets them apart is that they not only translate online stores – they also maintain them. 

This additional benefit allows store owners the freedom to focus on the areas of their business that matter most, while Weiser and his global team of language-subject experts keep the site current. It is a solution that far outpaces traditional methods of translation – mostly completed with AI translation tools that fail to capture the essence of the language and often make errors in more nuanced word choices. 

When this happens, consumers immediately lose confidence in the business. But with Go to Market, their AI tools are enhanced by a team of linguists, translators, editors, and proofreaders, ensuring that the online store is reaching its audience with not only the correct information, but language that truly connects to the local consumer.

By working with Go to Market, companies now have the ability to rapidly expand into regions around the world, no longer inhibited by their lack of translation and localization services. For many e-commerce businesses, this can mean the difference between slow, local revenue increases and rapid, explosive sales growth. It is leveraging the true power of an online store by reaching markets and consumers who are waiting for the next great product.

Translation and localization services offer unlimited opportunities for e-commerce businesses to expand and grow. Go to Market delivers the solution for business owners to reach their most ambitious goals.

Go to Market - Translations & Consulting is committed to helping e-commerce businesses plan, recruit, and provide language access to fit into every market where their idea is needed. To learn more about Go to Market, please visit www.gotomarkettranslations.com.

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