Premier Inc. Awards BioSerenity Contract

ATLANTA, UNITED STATES, February 26, 2021 / — BioSerenity, Inc., a leading global provider of diagnostic solutions in the areas of Sleep Medicine, Neurology, and Cardiology, announced today it has been awarded a group purchasing agreement for PP-SV-268 by Premier as part of its Preferred Partner agreement.

The prevalence of sleep disorders, epilepsy and cardiovascular disease pose a significant challenge to the US healthcare system. Notably, 70 million Americans suffer from some form of a sleep disorder, 1 in 26 people will develop epilepsy or recurrent seizures during their lifetime, and 48% of all adults in the US have some type of cardiovascular disease. BioSerenity has developed industry-leading tools and processes to deliver on consumer expectations for improved patient experiences and outcomes.

Pierre-Yves Frouin, BioSerenity CEO states, “Being a contracted provider with Premier furthers our commitment to bring world class medical devices and technological solutions to hospitals.” He also added, “BioSerenity is committed to improving patient care by making diagnostics more readily available. Hospitals can leverage our solutions to expand service lines and deliver high-quality, cost-effective diagnostic care by connecting patients in need with healthcare providers anytime and anywhere.”

BioSerenity’s Sleep Medicine offerings include turnkey solutions for Sleep Program Management, Direct-to-Patient Home Sleep Testing Programs, a Sleep Lab Management Software utilizing enhanced communication tools, as well as Patient Engagement Programs that increases bed utilization and operational efficiencies.

BioSerenity also offers hospitals comprehensive Neurodiagnostic Solutions inclusive of state-of-the-art medical devices for electroencephalogram (EEG) testing including FDA cleared Neuronaute® and IceCap® devices, clinical and administrative services including patient monitoring, and secure cloud-based platforms for data access and management.

Cardiac offerings include the Cardioskin™ device, a 15-lead electrographic (ECG) vest developed to enhance the care of patients suffering from severe heart conditions, and remote patient monitoring to complement hospital to home patient management solutions.

Premier is a leading healthcare improvement company, uniting an alliance of approximately 4,000 U.S. hospitals and 175,000 other providers to transform healthcare. With integrated data and analytics, collaboratives, supply chain solutions, and advisory and other services, Premier enables better care and outcomes at a lower cost.

About BioSerenity, Inc.

Headquartered in Paris, France and Atlanta, GA, USA, BioSerenity is an innovative medical technology company focused on Healthcare as a Service, IoMT, A.I. and real-world evidence in Neurology, Sleep Medicine, and Cardiology. BioSerenity provides diagnostic solutions to healthcare providers and patients in the USA, Europe and Caribbean. BioSerenity is also the preferred provider for several Contract Research Organizations (CROs) and prominent university medical facilities across the US, France, and other parts of the world. For more information, please visit

Media Contact:

Kassandra Keller
BioSerenity, Inc.
+1 561-762-2694
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SoCal Based Landscaper Launches New Educational YouTube Series

On Location with The Harvest Lab

The Harvest Lab

What is Mulch?

Harvest Landscape Enterprises Inc., Launches "The Harvest Lab" dedicated to environmental awareness and conservation

Finding a better way to do business and positively impact our environment and the communities we serve is critical to my definition of success. YouTube is a great way to accomplish this.”

— Steven Schinhofen, CEO

ANAHEIM, CA, UNITED STATES, February 26, 2021 / — Want to learn why mulch is necessary, how bees impact our environment, or what happens to cute critters when our trees are trimmed?

Harvest Landscape Enterprises, Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of a new YouTube Series called "The Harvest Lab." Each month will feature a new episode on topics that highlight environmental awareness and conservation. The videos will feature deep-dive interviews with experts in their prospective fields shot on location in Southern California. Both Amanda Gray, VP of Marketing, and Sierra Schinhofen, Social Media Manager of Harvest Landscape Enterprises, host this upbeat, quirky, and educational YouTube Series.

"As a business owner, finding a better way to do business and positively impact our environment and the communities we serve is critical to my definition of success. For that reason, I continually encourage my team to innovate wherever possible," said Steven Schinhofen, CEO of Harvest Landscape. Harvest Landscape's VP of marketing shared, "When the Corona Virus hit, many of us had to pivot quickly and engage in ways with our clients that are relevant and continue to provide value. What's great about this series is that it is full of interesting facts and is filmed in a short-format so that it is quickly digestible for our busy client's schedules."

About Harvest Landscape Enterprises, Inc.: Harvest Landscape, headquartered in Anaheim, California, is focused on providing comprehensive landscape maintenance solutions through skilled technicians, technology, and a sustainable approach for homeowner's associations and commercial properties throughout Southern California.

For more information about Harvest Landscape, please visit us at or contact Amanda Gray at

Amanda Gray
Harvest Landscape Enterprises, Inc.
email us here

Thank You Very MULCH!

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Learn & Play Montessori Announces New Post on Dublin California Preschool Options and a Hybrid Approach

Dublin California preschool options

Learn and Play Montessori, a top-tier preschool program serving the Bay Area, is proud to announce a new post.

There is no single way to run a family today. We understand parents can flip work schedules.”

— Harpreet Grewal

DUBLIN, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, February 26, 2021 / — Learn and Play Montessori, a preschool and kindergarten program designed to prepare young children for success in school, is proud to announce a new post for the Bay Area community. Different schedules or career changes could disrupt a young child's daycare options. A Dublin, California preschool provides a balanced approach to diverse family schedules.

"There is no single way to run a family today. We understand parents can flip work schedules. These changes can impact a child's preschool schedule," explained Harpreet Grewal, director of Learn and Play Montessori. "Our preschools have flexible schedules that can help families when a change happens."

Parents living around the Bay Area can review the new post by Learn & Play Montessori at Families around the San Francisco Bay Area can find a preschool designed to manage various family schedules. Montessori options include on-line classes for young children. On-site early-learning programs are available part-time or full-time. Preschool locations include Danville, Pleasanton, and Dublin, California. Learning programs for children from ages two to six years old include; preschool, pre-kinder, and kindergarten curriculums. Interested persons can review the online preschool and kindergarten resource page at


Here is the background for this release. Job changes and layoffs can immediately impact a family schedule. A mother could begin each work day by driving a child to a Pleasanton daycare around 8:00 am. A Bay Area father could expect to pick up a child from a Dublin, California preschool at 6:00 pm sharp a few times a week. If a work schedule changes, parents might need a flexible preschool program. Bay Area parents dealing with changes to a family schedule can find a preschool program designed to adapt. Part-time pre-kinder programs can support the needs of a work-from-home parent. On-line preschool lessons can provide easy-to-access early learning. A Dublin, California preschool nearby can help a family during a transitional time. For these reasons, Learn and Play Montessori announces a new post.


Learn and Play Montessori ( aims to be one of the best Montessori schools in the greater San Francisco Bay Area. Whether parents are looking for a Montessori School in Danville, a Blackhawk preschool, or a top-rated Montessori School in Dublin / San Ramon, Learn and Play has a campus for their child or children. Bay Area parents searching for Walnut Creek preschool options could find the right fit in Danville. All schools use the famed Montessori Method, offering programs from childcare to daycare, preschool to kindergarten. Virtual preschool, including full online preschool, hybrid lessons, and one-on-one teaching instruction, are available. Locations include Danville, Fremont, Dublin, or San Ramon and nearby towns such as Alamo, Blackhawk, Diablo, or San Ramon on the I-680 corridor as Walnut Creek.

Learn and Play Montessori
Media Relations

Lee McDonald
JM Internet Group
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Attorney Alexander Petraglia Providing Free Consultations on Medical Malpractice and Personal Injury Cases

Attorney Alexander Petraglia

Alexander Petraglia, Esq.

Alex Petraglia, leading criminal defense and family attorney, announces free consultations for anyone in need in the Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati areas.

INDEPENDENCE, KY, UNITED STATES, February 26, 2021 / — Alex Petraglia, Esq., and the team at Deters Law have become one of the few highly-coveted law firms that allow people to retain an attorney with no upfront fees or expenses. After witnessing the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on his clients in the Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati areas, attorney Alexander Petraglia has decided to take things a step further by offering free consultations on medical malpractice and personal injury cases, as well.

With so many people in need during these uncertain times, a free consultation will allow potential litigants to have their claims thoroughly reviewed and investigated by an expert, who will address their concerns or questions without any out-of-pocket expenses. This is a bold move. Many other top local attorneys do not provide free consultations, which means that people have to spend money upfront to meet with an attorney before they know whether that particular one will be able to provide the help that they desperately need.

A good consultation with an attorney can take over an hour to complete. Some lawyers don’t take the time to properly evaluate every claim that comes across their desk. Meanwhile, there are other attorneys and law firms that offer free consultations, but it’s because they are inexperienced and looking to fill up their schedule with a few new clients.

People often feel overwhelmed when it comes to finding the right personal injury lawyer to handle their cases. They might also be pressured by an insurance company or an employer to settle personal injury claims without representation, a situation that can end with victims receiving little to no compensation.

As Alex Petraglia states, “No one deserves to live in pain and anguish, especially when injuries are the result of someone else’s negligence. Insurance companies will always try to downplay your pain and suffering, which is why it’s essential to have a competent and experienced attorney on your side. Unfortunately, people start to feel fatigued, and with their finances quickly dwindling, they end up settling their claim for much less than they deserve.”

“That’s why our firm is offering clients a free consultation and case assistance on a contingency basis. What this means is that we don’t get paid until you get paid. You get the best and most experienced representation by a firm that truly cares about you,” said attorney Alexander Petraglia of Deters Law.

When someone has been a victim of an accident that wasn’t their fault, like a car accident or a slip and fall, they should reach out as soon as possible to get help with their case, taking advantage of this free consultation. Injury victims can find exactly where they stand with their case and whether they may be eligible for compensation, all with no obligation.

About Alex Petraglia, Esq.

Alexander Petraglia is a licensed trial attorney who is dedicated to the vigorous representation of his clients. He currently works at Deters Law Office and has experience in both criminal defense and civil suits. Notably, Mr. Petraglia has completed the Gideon’s Promise Trial program, which focuses on perfecting trial advocacy and client care. He gives it his all in every case to protect his clients’ liberty, health, and wealth.

Alexander Petraglia
Deters Law
+1 859-479-7929
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AFFIRM Testing Platform 2020 MVP for BlackFin Group

BlackFin Group has released its 2020 performance report, which shows its AFFIRM testing platform contributed significantly to the company’s growth.

Having a robust testing platform ready to go made 2020 a very good year for our company.”

— Lloyd Booth, BlackFin Group CTO

LAGUNA HILLS, CA, USA, February 26, 2021 / — BlackFin Group, a management consulting firm serving the Mortgage Banking Industry, has released its 2020 performance report to internal stakeholders, which shows that the company’s AFFIRM testing platform was embraced by the industry in 2020, contributing significantly to the company’s growth. AFFIRM is a state-of-the-art, blended approach to testing that delivers a cost-effective, accurate and efficient software testing strategy.

“2020 was all about digital lending for many lenders, as they struggled to keep up with volume and consumer expectations,” said BlackFin Group CEO Keith Kemph. “We saw a lot of new technology implemented last year. Testing is always a critical element of this process. Few other IT activities can be as difficult to get right or as costly to get wrong. This was a great opportunity for BlackFin Group and our AFFIRM testing platform.”

New software implementations are complex initiatives. Success is dependent upon a good testing methodology, but manual testing is expensive and time-consuming. AFFIRM combines well designed manual testing with affordable automated testing to tailor testing processes to meet each organization’s unique business processes. AFFIRM leverage's state-of-the-art technology and BlackFin Group’s own testing best practices, which are built upon decades of software implementation experience.

Last year, BlackFin Group worked with banks, credit unions and independent mortgage banks on new implementations as well as software updates and patches to existing solutions.

“Our client engagements may vary from analysis, to advisory, or doing the heavy lifting to implement your business strategy or technology initiative,” said BlackFin Group Chief Operating Officer and CTO Lloyd Booth. “Having a robust testing platform ready to go made 2020 a very good year for our company.”

For more information about AFFIRM or any of BlackFin Group’s consulting services, visit the company online.

About BlackFin Group
BlackFin Group is a management consulting firm that specializes in training, application development, and consulting within the Mortgage Banking Industry. We are skilled in the successful execution of your firms’ critical initiatives by providing clients the best in resources that ensure project success. For more information, contact the company at (949) 326-5675,, or visit its website

Rick Grant
RGA Public Relations
+1 570-497-1026
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California Area Therapists to Lead Covid-19 Divorce Training

Sacramento Collaborative Divorce Practice Group

Sacramento Collaborative Divorce Practice Group

Beth Proudfoot, LMFT

Beth Proudfoot, LMFT

Betsey Williams, LMFT

Betsey Williams, LMFT

Linda Tell, RN, LMFT

Linda Tell, RN, LMFT

SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, February 26, 2021 / — California Area Therapists to Lead Covid-19 Divorce Training Marital separations and divorces continue to surge amid the Covid-19 pandemic. A group of Collaborative Divorce Coaches and Collaborative Child Specialists are sponsoring an upcoming virtual training for mental health professionals to further enhance their professional skills and services. The training will be presented through a virtual Zoom format on March 19, 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

The training is designed for therapists who work with clients that are considering divorce or who are experiencing tumultuous emotions as they go through the divorce process. The goal of these professionals is to help divorcing couples and their families restructure their lives in productive ways, bypassing as much pain and turmoil as possible.

The presenters of the training are members of the Sacramento Collaborative Divorce Practice Group and the International
Association of Collaborative Professionals.

Presenters include:
Betsey Williams, LMFT
Linda Tell, RN, LMFT
Anne Shideler, LMFT
Beth Proudfoot, LMFT

Subjects and learning objectives will include:
Understand the divorce process from a legal, financial and emotional perspective.
Learn specific clinical observations and therapeutic tools to help families.
Identify mistakes clinicians make working with families going through a divorce.
“Divorce may be commonplace, but it is not for your clients.  After the loss of a loved one, divorce is the number two stressor a person can experience in their lifetime”, said Betsey Williams. “It can impact every aspect of your client’s personal and professional life.  This training is designed to provide mental health professionals with key information about the divorce process, cutting edge clinical interventions and resources available to help support your clients and their families.  The presenters are Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists who have a wealth of knowledge and experience working with individuals, couples, children and families going through a divorce.”

Registration and information is available by sending an email to:

For further information on The Sacramento Collaborative Practice Group and questions about the training, go to

charles crouch
The Crouch Group
+1 940-383-1990
email us here
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Advanced Innovative Partners Receives Multiple Rare Pediatric Disease and Orphan Designations from the FDA

SURFSIDE, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, February 26, 2021 / — Advanced Innovative Partners (AIP), a privately held life sciences company developing rare disease drugs for cancer, today announced that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) granted two rare pediatric disease designations (RPDDs) for programs in its development pipeline, Osteosarcoma and Ewing’s Sarcoma, potentially devastating bone ailments in children. The company has also received orphan drug designations (ODDs), for its Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG) and Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) cancer programs.

AIP is developing innovative technologies enabling the management or treatment of these diseases more effectively. Though rare, Osteosarcoma is the most common type of bone cancer. Ewing sarcoma is another rare oncological disease that presents with lesions in and around bone. Advancements in the treatment of Ewing’s sarcoma is significantly improving outcomes and AIP’s novel technology has the promise of further advancement of diagnosis and treatment.

“Cancers that affects the bones represent significant burdens for patients, their families, and the healthcare systems,” said Roseanne Satz, AIP Chief Executive Officer. “Our innovative platform promises to enable more efficient clinical management of these pediatric diseases, helping physicians to implement the best treatment for children suffering from these cancers. We are proud to have developed these new agents that have potential to enable best-in-class treatments for bone cancer. We greatly appreciate the FDA granting these multiple orphan and rare pediatric disease designations.”

Designation as an orphan drug serves to advance drug development for rare diseases. The FDA grants the designation to drugs or biologics that demonstrate promise for the diagnosis and/or treatment of rare diseases or conditions. Under the RPDD program, the FDA grants a Priority Review Voucher (PRV) to the sponsor who receives a product approval for a “rare pediatric disease,” defined as a serious or life-threatening condition of fewer than 200,000 Americans that primarily affects individuals from birth to 18 years. AIP may be eligible to receive a PRV for each RPDD that gains marketing approval.

Orphan designation provides development and commercial incentives including exemption from FDA user fees and eligibility for a seven-year period of market exclusivity upon approval in the U.S. The vouchers may be sold or transferred or redeemed for a subsequent marketing application for a different drug enabling accelerated review of a drug application.

About Advanced Innovative Partners

AIP is a clinical stage biotechnology company focused on the development of novel therapeutics and diagnostics in oncology, neurology, rare pediatric and infectious diseases, as well as medical countermeasures. Our vision is to deliver transformative science to underserved patients. Our name symbolizes a mission to partner with clinicians and scientists to help people who are in urgent need.

Juanita Gallego
Advanced Innovative Partners
+1 561-757-8666
Visit us on social media:

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Allan W. Fung Joins Pannone Lopes Devereaux & O’Gara LLC as Partner

Allan W. Fung, PLDO Partner

JOHNSTON, RHODE ISLAND, USA, February 26, 2021 / — Pannone Lopes Devereaux & O’Gara LLC (PLDO) announced today that Allan W. Fung, former Mayor of the City of Cranston, has joined the firm as a Partner.

“Allan has served the Rhode Island community with distinction and is a dedicated public servant. We are excited to be part of the next chapter in his journey at PLDO and concentrate his time in the practice of law while he continues to assist individuals and corporate clients to achieve their respective goals,”” said Gary R. Pannone, Managing Principal. “This is a great moment for PLDO and we are looking forward to having Allan become part of our team. His professionalism and leadership skills will be a tremendous addition to our firm and we are confident that he will have a significant impact with our lawyers, staff and clients.”

“I am thrilled to join the great team of attorneys at PLDO and look forward to working with such an excellent law firm that is committed to community, diversity and helping others achieve their goals – the same values that I am passionate about,” said Mr. Fung. “Returning to practicing law in a thriving law firm where I can contribute to its continued growth is exciting, and I am delighted at the opportunities ahead.”

Mr. Fung served as Mayor of the City of Cranston for 12 years (Jan. 2009 to Jan. 2021) and is a former President of the RI League of Cities and Towns. Prior to becoming Mayor, he worked as government relations counsel for MetLife, a Special Assistant Attorney General in the Rhode Island Department of Attorney General, and as a litigator with Mandell, Schwartz & Boisclair. He graduated from Rhode Island College with a B.A. in Political Science and earned his J.D. from Suffolk University Law School in 1995. He is a Rhode Island Bar Foundation Fellow.

As an accomplished executive and public servant, Mr. Fung has held leadership positions with several national and local organizations throughout his career. Currently he serves as the Honorary Chairman of the Board of the Rhode Island Association of Chinese Americans and is on the New England Advisory Board for the International Leadership Foundation, among others. He is the husband of Barbara Ann Fenton-Fung who now serves as a Representative in the Rhode Island General Assembly, representing District 15 for the City of Cranston.

For further information, please call 401-824-5100. To learn more about PLDO, visit and follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

Pannone Lopes Devereaux & O’Gara (“PLDO”) attorneys are highly skilled with a proven track record of achievement representing clients with respect to complex matters in a wide range of disciplines and industries. The founders of PLDO were formerly partners in an international law firm and are trained in multiple disciplines. The primary areas of practice for the firm include business law, special masterships, government relations and legislative strategies, civil litigation, real estate development, commercial lending, municipal law, nonprofit law, cyber law, health care law, white collar defense, estate planning, probate administration and trust litigation. The core values of respect, integrity, quality service and responsiveness are stressed each day at PLDO and the firm is committed to supporting the community in a meaningful way. The firm has offices in Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Florida. For more information, visit

Clare Eckert
Pannone Lopes Devereaux & O'Gara LLC
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Special Interview with Ricardo De La Cerda

Ricardo De La Cerda – 247 Marketing online

Ricardo De La Cerda – Millionaire 247 Marketing online

Ricardo De La Cerda – Expert 247 Marketing online

Today we had actually like to present you to Ricardo De La Cerda.

WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, UNITED STATES, February 26, 2021 / — It's an honor to speak to you today. Why don't you offer us some details about you and also your story? Exactly how did you get to where you are today?

My name is Ricardo De La Cerda, I'm called the Digital Marketing Expert and likewise the creator of 247 Marketing Online. My first media appearance was on AM Radio, a nationwide radio station in the U.S.A, with a very large audience, I had no site and also no organization, which was the topic I was being interviewed on! That was back in 1999 and also at the time I had an effective construction company but I was passionate concerning Digital Online marketing, after a couple of years previously, and also was wishing to change my life. I had lately a spiritual experience with the law of attraction, I had actually done some soul searching throughout that time as well as I was wishing to follow my dreams and also make an impact on the planet. When I heard the radio host state he was going to get a digital marketing expert on the show the following week I thought I could aid the listeners, so I pitched the show (6 times!), and also I was finally welcomed on! That one interview released my new job overnight, got me an A-list of customers, and made my transition into my new Digital Advertising and marketing Online! service easy as well as It was also the start of my publicity trip and a number of years later I had great success.

I make certain your success has not come easily. What obstacles have you had to get rid of along the way?

When I did my first interview on the radio (the one I informed you about earlier) the radio terminal was actually happy with the meeting, but not everybody concurred! And I had to learn beforehand how to manage the 'haters' who are not happy for you when you risk putting yourself available. It did knock my self-confidence, but after doing some heart looking, I made a solid decision NOT to let individuals I would certainly never ever met before holding me back, so I selected myself up, dusted myself off, and have actually never ever recalled I'm so delighted I did as I would certainly have lost out on so much or else. My adage is: "Never ever take criticism from a person you'd never go to for recommendations. That dismiss all the people you do not know, all individuals that are not living and also doing what you want to live as well as do, and all individuals you don't consider as a specialist on your topic.

Let's talk about the job you do. What do you specialize in and also why should a person deal with you over the competitors?

As an SEO consultant and digital marketing strategist ranking in the top 1% talent. I have a comprehensive understanding of Google algorithms and how the recent Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird, Mobilegeddon & Rank Brain updates have affected websites and their ranking factors. I am able to quickly and effectively diagnose penalties and repair rankings. My custom-tailored strategies combine my skills in copywriting, content creation, white-hat SEO, and creative marketing in order to create maximum impact and deliver long-lasting accumulative results.
Anyone who promises #1 positions would be engaging in unethical tactics that mask their lack of SEO knowledge & technical skills. NO ONE can guarantee organic #1 positions. Ever. If they do, it is either a scam, or they intend to employ black-hat tactics which will surely demolish your future site rankings. Your decline in traffic & revenues would be gradual, and you likely would not discover the damage for months. I have spent the majority of my SEO career repairing the damage, which is not unlike cleaning up a bad oil spill. Regardless of what you have been told or read, it takes months, not weeks, to achieve and/or restore top organic rankings & increase traffic & conversions.

What's your best piece of advice for readers who prefer to find success in their life?

I recommend that when you have an unusual concept, really feel motivated to do something a bit different, or want to make a huge change in your life, to be initially selective of who you share the info with. This is often a 'breakable' stage where you can easily be influenced or persuaded by other individuals' anxieties as well as questions, so my idea is to handle it with treatment' and be selective of who you tell. My recommendation is when something really feels right when you 'know' don't try to find approval or validation from other individuals or perhaps 2nd assumption yourself, opt for its success is there awaiting you!

Speaking of success, what does the word indicate to you?

Success to me indicates doing a job that doesn't seem like work because it's so satisfying as well as I jump out of bed in the morning due to the fact that I feel passionate, I am always up to date on SEO and marketing trends, and am proactive in my efforts. Continually assessing and tweaking as necessary to obtain and maintain optimal results. From on & off-page SEO, social media, content writing/creation, and online marketing, I’ve got you covered!

Lastly, exactly how can people connect with you if they want to learn more?

If you'd like to connect with me, I can be discovered in the adhering to means:
Internet site:
Chirp Social Network:

Alex DuBois
WDC News 6
+1 301-332-0058
email us here
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Five Breathtaking Villas with Stunning Views in Award-Winning Exuma Bahamas Resort to Auction via Concierge Auctions

Luxury villas in award-winning Bahamas resort

Luxury villas in award-winning Bahamas resort

Fully appointed gourmet kitchens with designer appliances

Fully appointed gourmet kitchens with designer appliances

Master suite with marble vanity and whirlpool spa

Master suite with marble vanity and whirlpool spa

Offset balconies offering privacy and stunning views

Offset balconies offering privacy and stunning views

Stunning views of the golf course or tropical gardens

Stunning views of the golf course or tropical gardens

Five villas with ocean or golf course views in award-winning Exuma Bahamas resort goes to Auction via Concierge Auctions with Tanya Manos of Realty with T.

By watching the successful auction of the Grand Isle Resort Penthouse, I knew going to auction was the best option to have a rewarding outcome for these villas.”

— Michael Cartwright, the seller

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, February 26, 2021 / — Villas 1612, 1613, 1614, 1622 & 1623, are the ideal way to enjoy the AAA Four Diamond award winning resort of Grand Isle, which will auction next month via Concierge Auctions in cooperation with Tanya Manos of Realty with T. These villas are selling $250K Reserve each, or $1.25M Reserve for all five units. Bidding is scheduled to be held on March 26–31 via Concierge Auctions’ online marketplace,, allowing buyers to bid digitally from anywhere in the world.

“There is nothing comparable in Exuma, Bahamas to this luxurious lifestyle that living in the Grand Isle Resort offers. From the close proximity to the golf course to the crystal clear beach, owning one or more of these villas is a once in a lifetime opportunity. By watching the successful auction of the Grand Isle Resort Penthouse, I knew going to auction was the best option to have a rewarding outcome for these villas,” stated the seller, Michael Cartwright.

These picture-perfect single-story villas are filled with pristine detailing. From the natural stone floors below to the over nine feet ceilings above, the West Indies-style finishes throughout reinforce the luxury and convenience that Grand Isle Resort offers. The fully appointed gourmet kitchen with its designer appliances, custom-fitted solid granite countertops and breakfast bar offer a place to gather rivaled only by the extensive golf course or garden-view terrace just steps away. Retire to the master suite, with its marble vanity and whirlpool spa. Explore the stone pathways that lead from your front door through manicured gardens to miles of white sand beachfront along Emerald Bay Beach. Grand Isle Resort sets a platinum standard for luxurious relaxation.

“I am looking forward to working with Concierge Auctions again after our previous success in the Grand Isle Resort this past January. From their robust database, to their award winning marketing team, I know together we will establish a competitive auction for our client,” stated listing agent, Tanya Manos.

Located on Great Exuma, Grand Isle Resort is just steps away from Emerald Bay with its blue waters and ivory sand. Emerald Bay is filled with million-dollar mansion estates, a yacht marina, shops, and restaurants. The care and quality of the villas itself are reflected in the resort surrounding them. The resort’s Marina at Emerald Bay is the ultimate yachting destination. Enjoy the 18-hole championship golf course, the longest course in the Caribbean. Great Exuma is home to dozens of famous beaches, including Grand Isle’s Emerald Bay Beach. The resort offers snorkeling and swimming with Grand Exuma’s vibrant marine life, including sea turtles and famous swimming pigs. With the Exuma International Airport just fifteen minutes away, stay connected with the outside world with regular scheduled flights to Ft Lauderdale, Miami, Atlanta, Charlotte, Toronto and more, as well as inter-island flights within the Bahamas.

Grand Isle Resort and Residence, Units 1612, 1613, 1614, 1622 & 1623, are available for showings by appointment only.

As part of Concierge Auctions' Key for Key® giving program in partnership with Giveback Homes, the closing will result in a new home built for a family in need.

Concierge Auctions offers a commission to the buyers' representing real estate agents. See Auction Terms and Conditions for full details. For more information, including property details, exclusive virtual tour, diligence documents, and more, visit or call +

About Concierge Auctions
Concierge Auctions is the world’s largest luxury real estate auction firm with a state-of-the-art digital marketing, property preview, and bidding platform. The firm matches sellers of one-of-a-kind properties with the most high-net-worth property connoisseurs on the planet. Sellers gain unmatched reach, speed, and certainty. Buyers get incredible deals. Agents earn their commission in 30 days. Since its inception in 2008, Concierge Auctions has generated billions of dollars in sales, broken world records for the highest-priced homes ever achieved at auction, and grown its activity in 44 U.S. states/territories and 29 countries. The firm owns the most comprehensive and intelligent database of high-net-worth real estate buyers and sellers in the industry, and has contributed more than 300 homes to-date as part of its Key for Key® giving program in partnership with Giveback Homes™, which guarantees that for every property the company sells, a new home is funded for a family in need. For more information visit

Krystal Aeby
Concierge Auctions
+1 212-202-2940
email us here

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