Executive Coach Dr. Marshall Goldsmith to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

RANCHO SANTA FE, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, December 6, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — CUTV News today announced the world’s #1 Leadership Thinker and #1 Executive Coach Dr. Marshall Goldsmith will be a featured guest on CUTV News Radio.

Dr. Goldsmith is an authority on helping successful leaders achieve positive, lasting change in behavior for themselves, their people and their teams.

“A leader casts a long shadow. The higher up you go the longer that shadow grows. Positive change in the most influential leaders has an impact that can be felt across their entire organizations,” says Dr. Goldsmith. “The people I help have such an influence over so many other people; as they get better, literally thousands of people feel the impact.”

30 years ago, no CEO would admit to having a coach. Today, Dr. Goldsmith is the author or editor of 35 books, which have sold over two million copies, including New York Times bestsellers MOJO and What Got You Here Won’t Get You There.

If you search “Helping Successful Leaders” on Google, of the first 500 entries are links to Marshall Goldsmith. Dr. Goldsmith has worked with over 200 major CEOs including Frances Hesselbein (Girl Scouts) to Alan Mulally (Ford). To date, nearly 2,000 people have been trained in Dr. Goldsmith’s coaching process.

"The key to success in coaching is having great clients. My business is generated by my clients,” says Dr. Goldsmith. The fact I have such great clients is why I have such great business, why I have such a great reputation and why I almost always succeed.”

Dr. Goldsmith says the best leaders want to work on being a role model.

“Every company has values, right? But if you don't see the CEO live that way, the values don't mean anything. And it's not just the CEO, it's the people who report to the CEO who are also very important, because they manage thousands of people. So they need to be great role models for whatever the values of the company are. If you see the company preaching X and the CEO is doing Y, it doesn't work.”

There are six questions Dr. Goldsmith highly recommends for everyone, not just CEOs:

Did I do my best to set clear goals?
Did I do my best to make progress toward achieving my goals?
Did I do my best to find meaning?
Did I do my best to be happy?
Did I do my best to fully engaged?
Did I do my best to build positive relationships?

Dr. Goldsmith’s daily question process can help you keep track of what's most important in your life to achieve positive long-term change and improve yourself as a leader, friend, family member.

“Although I work with CEOs, you don't have to be a CEO to use my process,” says Dr.Goldsmith. “Anyone can use this process to develop themselves because it relates to everybody.”

CUTV News Radio will feature Dr. Marshall Goldsmith in a two-part interview with Jim Masters on December 10th at and December 17th at 2pm EST.

Listen to the show on BlogTalkRadio

If you have a question for our guest, call (347) 996-3389.

For more information on Dr. Marshall Goldsmith, visit www.marshallgoldsmith.com

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Royston Carr Asset Management Comments as Chinese Manufacturing Activity Slightly Up in November

Royston Carr Asset Management – Factory activity suffers due to weak demand amid lingering threat of higher US tariffs.

TAIPEI CITY, TAIWAN, December 6, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — With the decline in new export orders continuing last month, China’s factory activity increased only marginally in November according to the Caixin/Markit Manufacturing Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI).

Royston Carr Asset Management analysts say new orders have been losing steam over the last few quarters as China’s economic growth cools in the face of US Sino trade tensions. A sub-index gauging new orders in the world’s second largest economy did improve slightly last month, reaching 50.9 from 50.4 in October but this was following a price cut by Chinese manufacturers trying to offset weak demand.

Although exports have so far maintained their momentum, a lack of new orders amid the threat of increased US trade tariffs from early next year have weighed on China’s slowing economy.

A sub-index measuring new export orders showed that new export orders had declined to 47.7, down from 48.8 in October. Royston Carr Asset Management analysts say this is due to weakening international demand.

On Sunday at the G20 summit which took place in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the US and China agreed to hold off on imposing any additional or increased tariffs on each other’s imports for a period of 90 days while the two countries try to negotiate a long term solution to their trade-related differences.

However, analysts at Royston Carr Asset Management say this may not help China’s economic woes, with declining orders from clients causing factory productivity to stall in November after many months of growth.

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GoodFirms Unveils the New List of Top Business Intelligence (BI) Software for December 2018

Best Business Intelligence (BI) Software

Best Business Intelligence (BI) Software

Currently, GoodFirms reported a new list of Top Business Intelligence (BI) Software providers for delivering high-end software to their customers

Business Intelligence Software enables to perk up the operational competence of every business”

— GoodFirms Research

WASHINGTON DC, WASHINGTON, UNITED STATES, December 6, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — In today's customer-centric, a digital world many business owners and individuals are seeking out for different ways to derive control and understand the business strategies. For the same reason, GoodFirms has uncovered the list of Best Business Intelligence (BI) Software that helps in analyzing the complete company data leading to make better business decisions.

Top Business Intelligence Software list at GoodFirms:
•Zoho Analytics
•Qualtrics Research Core

Business Intelligence software is used in every different industry that is from healthcare, finance, marketing, manufacturing, retail and more. At present, business intelligence is playing a vital role in the strategic planning of organizations such as performing quantitative analysis, reporting, data sharing, identifying customer insights, measuring performance progress of business etc.

These days, you can find various types of software in the market that are launched to ease the work for businesses. For example Document Management Software which helps the various firms from different segments to organize all the papers into electronic documents for accessing, managing and tracking it easily. You can find the curated list of Best Document Management Software providers that are recognized for delivering a scalable and affordable smart digital solution to manage documents in a systematic way.

GoodFirms is a globally acknowledged B2B research, rating and reviews platform. It helps all kinds of organizations to meet the perfect partner for their project needs by fetching out the top IT development companies, best software, and other firms from a varied range of categories. The analyst team of GoodFirms performs a deep assessment following several statistics such as: determining the years of experience in their domain area, verifying the past and present portfolio, market presence and refer the client reviews to know about their services.

After evaluating, each firm is compared with each other and then indexed in the list of top companies according to their proficiency. Here, GoodFirms has recently created a new list of Best Digital Signage Software providers that can help you control the content distribution on any public digital display.

Furthermore, GoodFirms supports the service providers to come forward and participate in the on-going research to get verified and indexed in the list of top companies for their ability and reliability to provide successful services to their customers.

About GoodFirms

GoodFirms is a Washington, D.C. based research firm that aligns its efforts in identifying the most prominent and efficient business intelligence software providers that deliver results to their clients. GoodFirms research is a confluence of new age consumer reference processes and conventional industry-wide review & rankings that help service seekers leap further and multiply their industry-wide value and credibility.

Get Listed with GoodFirms.

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Interfood Inc. Partners With MSys Training LLC To Build Solutions Using Lean Six Sigma Methodologies.

MSys Training,one of the leading certification training providers collaborated with Interfood Group, a leading global dairy supplier to implement six sigma.

ALPHERETTA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, December 6, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — Interfood, desires to use various modes of quality programs to help them increase customer delight and reduce cost by lean methodologies. Amongst all programs, Lean Six Sigma is perhaps the most widely-accepted initiative by all broad range of organizations. During the first phase of adaptation of LSS, a workshop was being conducted at Interfood office by MSys. Victoria Montoya from Interfood, said “We are at the initial stage of implementation, our objective is to enhance quality and performance while reducing process inconsistency by adhering to Lean Six Sigma Processes. The MSys expertise is a great advantage in this new experiment.”

Six Sigma methodology is a combination of statistical theory, quality control and business tool that would help Interfood to enhance their business procedures on removing defects, improving profits and enhancing performance while reducing inconsistencies in processes. Paul Ryan, who has his Green Belt in Six Sigma from the American Society for Quality (ASQ), and his Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, facilitated the training on behalf of MSys said “the participants in the training workshop participated enthusiastically and were keen to know about how Six Sigma will make a significant change within their workplace”.

According to Shantanu, Director L&D from MSys Training “With a joint focus to implement lean six sigma methodology in food industry, we were able to analyze various root causes of the difficulties and further narrowed down to strong strategies towards quality improvement initiatives of Interfood. It is a great collaboration and the training will definitely help Interfood enhance its performance and productivity”.

About MSys Training
Being one of the leading certification training providers in the world, MSys Training aims to help professionals to develop required skills to succeed in today’s digital world. At MSys, we partner with individuals, teams, and companies to understand their needs and provide customized training and coaching that helps them to achieve their career objectives. Visit www.msystraining.com, call 408-878-3078

Media Contacts:
+1-408 878 3078
MSys Training

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Brandon Carlisle Has Released His Latest Novel

In a time before Aids when San Francisco was becoming a beacon of hope for the gay community two people with diverse backgrounds take a chance to find love.

BURBANK, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, December 6, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — Brandon Carlisle is the author of five novels, primarily falling within the gay romance genre. His latest novel opens in San Francisco in 1974 during the blossoming of the gay community in the city. San Francisco has always been a welcoming place for alternative thought and lifestyles, from Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg in the fifties, to the Hippie movement in the sixties. When the seventies arrived, it was the gay movement that took wing. Bars were no longer shuttered from the streets, but had picture windows. Neighborhoods like Polk Gulch in the mid-seventies had couples holding hands as they walked down the street. The gay parades had drag queens, royal courts, and eccentric characters of every sort. Thrown into this mix were also those seeking the simple life of a partner, home, and the quiet life. This was not Disneyland though. Outside of these little enclaves there could be dangers, but for the most part life was good.

Below is a brief synopsis of "A San Francisco Romance: The Story of Ryan and Leland"

It was during this period that Ryan McClure lived in San Francisco and built a life for himself. He hadn't found his prince charming, but made a small circle of friends, found a job he loved at a well-respected hotel, and lived a comfortable, quiet life. Generally satisfied to stay at home and read a book, he would venture out on occasion with his friends.

One afternoon while meeting his friends at their favorite neighborhood coffee shop for lunch his best friend pointed out a striking man in a dark suit across the street. Ryan recognized the man from a news release he saw at work.
Leland Carter's adult life centered around responsibility. Inheriting the family business shortly after graduating from Harvard he has had no time for relationships or any kind of personal involvement. A dalliance here and there, or a call to an escort was all there was time for.

His purchase of The Exeter House was a personal goal, not a business plan. It kept alive one of his fondest memories of a special time with his family. With an agreement settled for the sale it was time to explore the city. Riding a cable car from Nob Hill to Polk Street he explored the most active gay community in the city. Watching people going about their business being who they were with no worries was a novel experience for the reserved businessman.
Stopping in at a local bar, he sat and let his gaze wander to the other end where he spotted a fair complexioned young man with gorgeous copper hair. For the first time in many years he fancied what it might be like to actually get to know someone.

Two people with widely different backgrounds and values are thrown together. Personal fears and challenges need to be overcome if they are to have any semblance of happiness.

This is a story for romantics, not for someone looking for erotica; however, it is a story for adults.
The novel is available through Amazon at the link below.


Brandon Carlisle
Brandon Carlisle
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MedPro Partners With PCIHIPAA To Offer Compliance Services to Healthcare Providers

Offering Addresses A Key Challenge for Many Organizations Seeking To Safeguard Patient Information (PHI)

Our partnership adds to our waste management solution and aligns with our strategy to save healthcare providers time and money”

— George Shanine, CEO MedPro

NAPERVILLE, ILLINOIS, UNITED STATES, December 6, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — MedPro, a leader in waste management disposal services, is pleased to announce its new partnership with PCIHIPAA, a leading Payments Card Industry (PCI) and HIPAA compliance provider. The partnership is focused on protecting MedPro clients from the onslaught of HIPAA violations which include ransomware attacks and data breaches impacting medical and dental practices throughout the United States.

According to the site HHS.gov (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services), over 870,000 patient records were breached just in the month of July 2018. Protected Health Information (PHI) continues to be under attack as hackers strive to monetize the stolen data on the dark web. The types of HIPAA violations most often identified are:

1. Impermissible uses and disclosures of protected health information (PHI)
2. Lack of technology safeguards of PHI
3. Lack of adequate contingency planning in case of a data breach or ransomware attack
4. Lack of administrative safeguards of PHI
5. Lack of a mandatory HIPAA risk assessment
6. Lack of executed Business Associate Agreements
7. Lack of employee training and updated policies and procedures

“At MedPro we are building a center of excellence for all healthcare providers. We vetted many HIPAA compliance providers and believe PCIHIPAA’s OfficeSafe Compliance Program is the right program to add to our current product suite. Our partnership adds to our waste management solution and aligns with our strategy to save healthcare providers time and money, said George Shanine, CEO, MedPro. “We are looking forward to working with PCIHIPAA and providing our clients with an added layer of savings, confidence, and peace of mind."

PCIHIPAA’s OfficeSafe Compliance Program provides a number of key features and benefits that enable busy practices and office managers to easily comply with HIPAA requirements. The OfficeSafe Compliance Program includes:

• HIPAA Policies and Procedures – a guided navigation to easily create, update, and record your HIPAA Policies and Procedures
• HIPAA Checklist – an easy checklist to follow the compliance status of your office
• Online HIPAA Employee Training – comprehensive training options for staff to provide insight into latest HIPAA Regulations
• HIPAA Compliance Webinars – education webinars to learn more about HIPAA Regulations
• PCI and HIPAA Data Breach, Non-Compliance, Privacy, Network Security and Ransom Insurance Coverage
• Identity Restoration for doctors and their families
• Encrypted Data Backup and E-mail Services
• Annual PCI Compliance and Certification (Annual SAQ / Quarterly IP Scans)

“We are excited about our partnership with MedPro. They have saved the healthcare industry millions of dollars on waste management services, and continue to push the envelope with helping healthcare providers. PCIHIPAA aligns closely with MedPro because we also help practices save time and money on Payment Card Industry and HIPAA compliance.” said Jeff Broudy, CEO of PCIHIPAA. “We are changing lives by removing the uncertainties surrounding compliance and patient data privacy and security issues. We find that many practices don't have the resources to navigate HIPAA law, and are unaware of even their most common vulnerabilities.”

About MedPro
MedPro was founded in 2009 out of a need for lower cost medical waste disposal services after hearing complaints about regular and frequent price increases within the waste disposal industry. The company began in Illinois and has grown into a premiere waste disposal company, servicing 44 of the 50 states. MedPro provides regulated pick-up, transportation, treatment and disposal services for regulated medical waste, biohazard waste, sharps, and pharmaceuticals (RX). They also provide a mail back sharps container service and safety compliance training.

PCIHIPAA is an industry leader in PCI and HIPAA compliance by providing turnkey, convenient solutions for its clients. Its OfficeSafe Compliance Program is “award winning” and takes the guesswork out of compliance while providing the assurance and insurance healthcare providers need to protect their future. PCIHIPAA was recently voted one of the Top 10 Healthcare Compliance Company’s of 2017. Learn more at OfficeSafe.com and PCIHIPAA.com

Jeff Broudy
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Oscar Winner Jamie Foxx, Streetballer "Sik Wit It" and Hoops Prodigy Jaliyah Manuel Compete in Celebrity Basketball Jam

Multiple award-winner Jamie Foxx created The Foxxhole, an uncensored comedy channel on Sirius XM. Currently, Foxx returns to Fox network’s “Beat Shazam” and stars in “Robin Hood.” Foxx will play in the Celebrity Basketball Jam on Dec. 8 at the Expo Center.

Robin “Sik Wit It” Kennedy, Jr. is an international veteran streetballer and all-around performer on the court. He brings his skills to the Roll Out Show team at the Celebrity Basketball Jam on Dec. 8 at the Expo Center in Los Angeles.

Eight-year-old Jaliyah Manuel, from New Orleans, Louisiana, will bring her shooting and dribbling skills to the Heritage Music Group team at the Celebrity Basketball Jam on Dec. 8 at the Expo Center.

Award-winning Ricky Bell is an American singer best known as one of the founding members of R&B/pop group “New Edition,” and the lead singer of “Bell Biv DeVoe.” Bell will be one of the coaches at the Celebrity Basketball Jam on Dec. 8 at the Expo Center.

The Celebrity Basketball Jam features star-studded players on December 8 at the Expo Center in Los Angeles.

The Roll Out Show, Q4 Sports and HMG present the 1st Annual Celebrity Basketball Jam to benefit A Friend's House Foundation at the Expo Center on December 8

Collaborating with The Roll-Out Show and HMG Group is an amazing start to giving back to the L.A. community, proceeds from this event benefits kids who are serviced by My Friend's House Foundation.”

— Quintin 'Q' Williams, Co-Founder and Chief Global Designer

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, December 6, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — The Roll Out Show, Q4 Sports and HMG present the first annual "Celebrity Basketball Jam and Foxxhole Reunion," on Saturday, Dec. 8 at 1 p.m. The star-studded basketball competition, powered by Q4 Sports, features a showdown between "Team HMG" and "Team Roll Out Show." The confirmed celebrity line up includes Oscar-winner Jamie Foxx, 8-year-old basketball sensation Jaliyah Manuel dubbed as “the next Steph Curry” by fans, worldwide streetballer Robin "The Real Sik Wit it," Kennedy, Jr., Rashid “Seven and Sum Change” Byrd," one of the best shot blockers in the world, NFL Hall of Famer Terrell Owens, Actor Omar Gooding (Family Time), Actor/Singer Darius McCary, Comic Pierre, reality TV star Laura Govan (Basketball Wives), and more.

Team HMG Coaches – Awarding-winning entertainer Ricky Bell (Bell Biv DeVoe and New Edition) and Actor/Comedian Flex Alexander (ONE ON ONE). Team Roll Out Show Coaches – Speedy, Steven Russell (Troop) and Assistant Coach (Blu Mitchell). The event includes the long-awaited Foxxhole Reunion of Speedy, Zo Williams, Johnny Mack, Lewis Dix and TDP. Hosted by The Roll Out Show/Roll Out Studios, the laughs are sure to be endless. "There will be an opportunity to win up to $500 in the shootout games," said Speedy, the host and one of the executive producers of "The Roll Out Show."

The afternoon of fun will benefit My Friend's House Foundation with the distribution of shoes to the disadvantaged and homeless in downtown Los Angeles.

"Q4's collaboration with The Roll-Out Show and HMG Group is the start of something amazing. Being that we are a Los Angeles, performance-based footwear company, we are always looking for opportunities to give back to the local community," said Quintin ‘Q’ Williams, Q4 Sports global design officer and co-founder. "All the proceeds from our celebrity game will be distributed to local kids in need of shoes to remain active and fit with the help of My Friend's House Foundation, a Los Angeles-based organization."

My Friend's House Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that services the needs of men, women, children and seniors in the L.A. community.

“We’ve designed and developed a brand and product that speaks directly to the serious, fierce baller who wants a high-quality basketball shoe that looks cool and performs even better,” said Williams. The teams competing in the celebrity game will be wearing Q4s.

The new, privately held company’s DNA is built around the four principal pillars of any game – Team, Passion, Commitment, and Focus.

Contact:Media and Talent Submissions, contact Platinum Star PR attn: Marie Lemelle put in subject line: Celebrity Basketball Jam to info@platinumstarpr.com and 213-276-7827. Media check-in at noon. Red carpet from 12:30 to 2:30 p.m.

About Q4Sports:
Q4 Sports, headquartered in Los Angeles, is a fresh force in global sporting goods industry committed to designing footwear that is the ultimate blend of technology, style and performance. When it’s time to close out the game, Q4 is as obsessed with an athlete’s performance as they are, because Q4 knows how much every second counts. To learn more about Q4 Sports go to www.Q4sports.com or follow on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

About the Roll Out Show with Speedy N Friends:

Comedian Speedy teamed up with veteran radio host, professional musician, and friend Nikki Pam Baker aka "Scrambled Eggs & Pam" to launch The Roll Out Show as a daily podcast from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday in their own studio in the San Fernando Valley. Speedy and Industry Insider Pam are the executive producers and regular hosts of the "on-the-air live" show the features comedians that have graced Speedy's shows in the past, highlights the journey of Speedy's career and how he paved the way for comics locally and around the world. Michelle Holden-Caldwell is the Producer of the Roll Out Show and the Roll Out Studio Manager. Marie Lemelle is the show's publicist and talent booker. The show guests include actors, entertainers, celebrities, book authors, business owners and more.

Roll Out Show is home to a revolving door of guest co-hosts such as, Actress Tangie Ambrose, Missterray from Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, Engineers and Co-hosts Sky Holsey and Nic Caldwell, DJ Ron C, Mark Howard, Blu Mitchell, TDP, Jay Alexander, Audra Lachelle, Comedy Writer Johnny Mack, JT Turner who adds to the fun and joins in on reporting about hot topics, sports, politics, gossip, and more. Speedy and Pam's impressive history of shows at the Foxxhole, Sirius XM, Reach Around Radio and now The Roll Out Show is sure to take the internet radio network to another level as the #1 visual radio network on air.

About Heritage Music Group (HMG):

Originally founded and entirely self-funded by Jovan Dawkins in 2010 as Impact Music Group, Heritage Music Group (HMG) evolved into a dynamic publishing company with a critical mission – preserve and create great music, support songwriters and producers by providing them with the tools and resources necessary for monetizing their music and vision, plus incubate great minds and ideas across all platforms.

Jovan Dawkins and HMG impacted the industry immediately by taking home 5 Grammys in 2018. As word of HMG’s success spread, Jovan recognized the need to add several new dimensions to the original HMG footprint. With the addition of Production, Studio, Tech, Marketing, and Purpose/Cause divisions to HMG’s suite of services and platforms, HMG has become the ultimate destination for projects, brands, and artists ready to outwork the competition and create meaningful change across the board.

About My Friend's House Foundation:
My Friend's House Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit humanitarian service organization. Its mission is to provide life-sustaining staples that include food, clothing, toiletries and encouragement to the homeless and economically disadvantaged, regardless of race, or religious beliefs. We also provide programs that encourage clients to become self-sufficient and live healthy lives, We respond to the needs of men, women, children and seniors in Los Angeles.

Marie Lemelle
Platinum Star PR
+1 213-276-7827
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Behind the scenes footage of 8-year-old basketball prodigy Jaliyah Manuel

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Are people dying from what they don’t know?

Drug-Free World Foundation launches Truth About Drugs campaign to educate on emerging threat of synthetic drugs

The drug crisis is not just a problem for ‘others.’ Drug education is the responsibility of all citizens. It needs to be a shoulder to shoulder effort.”

— Rev. Susan Taylor

WASHINGTON, DC, USA, December 6, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — WASHINGTON, DC – The Foundation for a Drug-Free World announced its campaign for 2019 focus on educating people about the dangers of synthetic drugs. While many people are now aware of the opioid epidemic and how easily one can get addicted to prescription pain killers, synthetics are an emerging threat overwhelming our cities and medical infrastructure.

In June 2018, more than 300 people overdosed on tainted synthetic cannabinoid, also known as “K2” or “synthetic Marijuana”, in a two-week period in Washington, DC, alone. Three people died after using K2 the next month according to the medical examiner’s report.

Many of those working to prevent drug abuse have noted that those on the street have no idea what synthetic drugs are composed of or what they are ingesting when smoking or eating drug-laced foods including brownies, popcorn and cookies. With the internet today, anyone can create or order one or more of a multitude of synthetic drugs.

According to the DEA website, synthetic marijuana is “A synthetic version of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana, K2/Spice is a mixture of plant material sprayed with synthetic psychoactive chemicals. Often looks like potpourri and typically labeled ‘not for human consumption.’ Dangerous to purchase from Internet because its origins and chemical amounts are unknown. The ingredients and strength of products containing synthetic cannabinoids are almost impossible for the user to know.”

What happened in Washington is just a glimpse into what is occurring nation wide according to the Center for Disease Control and the Food and Drug Administration. According to National Public Radio, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says it is tracking multiple outbreaks across the country associated with synthetic cannabinoids use and The Food and Drug Administration is warning of “severe illness and death” that have resulted from the use of contaminated synthetic marijuana products in recent months in several states.

A wide range of government agencies and non-profits including the US Attorney’s Office, the Department of Behavioral Health, the Foundation for a Drug-Free World, the DC Prevention Centers, Court Services and Offenders Supervision Agency and the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner meet monthly to strategize on how to reach vulnerable populations.

“It is imperative that citizens educate themselves so in turn they can share the truth about drugs with their children, neighbors and co-workers. Knowing that drugs are poisons, knowing what dealers are lacing drugs with and knowing what is in the drug you are taking can save a person’s life,” said Drug-Free World Faith Liaison Rev. Susan Taylor of the Church of Scientology. “The drug crisis is not just a problem for ‘others.’ Drug education is the responsibility of all citizens. It needs to be a shoulder to shoulder effort.”

To respond and alert people to the new dangerous drug epidemic from synthetic drugs, Drug-Free World has started holding regular seminars and has distributed tens of thousands of its award-winning drug education booklets and videos throughout the Washington, DC, area at weekly drug education events.

The Foundation for a Drug Free World, a non-profit based out of Los Angeles, supported by the Church of Scientology, that focuses on grassroots level drug prevention and education and provides high quality materials to health counselors, teachers, Sheriff's departments and police, all over the world. Through the Foundation and its volunteers and partners, more than 62 million of the Foundation's educational booklets have been distributed, tens of thousands of drug awareness events have been held, and the Foundation's public service announcements have reached more than 260 million viewers in 123 countries. Successful uses of these materials are featured on the Scientology.TV network.

Susan Taylor
Drug Free World
+1 202-667-6404
email us here


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Max and Neo Announces Holiday Donation of $800,000 in Product to 2,000 Dog Rescues Throughout the USA

Donations ready to go

Max and Neo has announced that they will be donating to 2000 dog rescues this Holiday Season

This company was built to donate, it exists for this reason only so giving back is in its culture.”

— Kenric Hwang

SCOTTSDALE, AZ, USA, December 6, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — Max and Neo is known for their generous 1 for 1 donations in the dog rescue community. This 3 year old company consistently donates their products to rescues throughout the United States every week. But what Max and Neo announced on Black Friday shocked the rescue world as they said that they would be donating to every dog rescue on their donation list. Their rescue list consists of over 2,000 rescues.

"Dog rescues having been supporting us since we started, so we figured this would be a great way to show them our appreciation for their support." stated owner Kenric Hwang.

With 25 items per box, such as leashes, collars, and supplements, the retail value of each donation is approximately $400, bringing the total donation value to an incredible $800,000.

"This company was built to donate, it exists for this reason only so giving back is in its culture. Our dog rescue list is growing at an incredible rate so we just need to keep our sales rates up to match it. Our goal is to the point where no dog rescues need to spend any money on leashes or collars ever again."

Donation announcements are made every Friday on their Facebook page, where everyone can see which rescues are getting donations that week.

Max and Neo is always accepting new dog rescue and shelter submissions. A dog rescue can apply to be added to their donations list by completing their suggestion form on their website.

Since its inception in 2015, Max and Neo has donated approximately $3.5 million worth of dog gear.

Max and Neo is a mission-based dog accessories company that donates one for one to dog rescues for every leash and collar that it sells. Max and Neo is based in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Kenric Hwang
Max and Neo
+1 775-623-6362
email us here
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Max and Neo’s Video Announcement of Their Holiday Donation

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Breakside Brewery Hosts Giving Trees for Nonprofit Organization, New Avenues for Youth

Portland Oregon brewery collects donations for young homeless people in the area at its Slabtown location

We are grateful for Breakside and their continued dedication to our mission of ending youth homelessness.”

— Jessica Elkan

PORTLAND, OR, USA, December 6, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — Breakside Brewery, known for its innovative, experimental and diverse beers, is hosting two giving trees for the month of December at its Slabtown location (1570 NW 22nd Ave, Portland, OR 97210). Donations are being collected for New Avenues for Youth, a local nonprofit organization dedicated to the prevention and intervention of youth homelessness.

Jessica Elkan, director of development and communications for the nonprofit said,
"We are grateful for Breakside and their continued dedication to our mission of ending youth homelessness. Their support extends far beyond our signature event Brews for New Avenues – they are stepping up and mobilizing the beer community to make a direct impact on the lives of youth through the support of their holiday giving trees. The donations collected are items that are critical to youth being able to stay safe and warm on the streets while they move deeper through our services aimed at helping them exit street life."

The mission of New Avenues for Youth is to work in partnership with the community to prevent youth homelessness and provide young people experiencing or at-risk of homelessness the resources and skills needed to lead healthy, productive lives. Breakside Brewery has supported the organization in the past with gift donations and special event, and is expanding support this holiday season with giving trees on each floor of its Slabtown location. Visitors can select tags and donate gifts to kids in need. There may even be a visit or two from Santa for kids and the over 21 crowd alike!

Breakside Brewery’s Slabtown location is open from 11 am to 10 pm Sunday through Thursday, and closes at 11 pm on Friday and Saturday. Gifts for New Avenues for Youth will be accepted until closing on December 23rd. More information by calling (503) 444-7597.

About New Avenues for Youth
New Avenues for Youth is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the prevention and intervention of youth homelessness. Since 1997, our programs and services have impacted more than 20,000 young people as they work to overcome barriers, pursue their goals, and realize their potential. From supporting basic needs like meals and counseling to providing opportunities for education, job training, employment, and housing, we meet youth where they are—and help them get where they want to go.

About Breakside Brewery
Breakside Brewery opened in 2010 in Northeast Portland as a restaurant and pub brewery. The brewery is known for its innovative, experimental and diverse beers. In 2013, Breakside expanded operations to Milwaukie, OR with a 30 bbl production brewery filled with 30, 60 and 120 barrel tanks, barrel rooms for wild and non-wild/sour fermentations, a high-speed bottling line and a 24-tap tasting room. The brewery expanded to Northern California in 2016 and in 2017 Breakside opened its third location in the Slabtown district of Northwest Portland. In addition to winning several national and regional awards for its beers, Breakside was named Brewery of the Year at the 2017 Oregon Beer Awards and the 2017 Best of Craft Beer Awards. Breakside sells on draft and in 22oz bottles in Oregon, Washington, Hawaii, Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, North Carolina, South Carolina, Massachusetts, New York, Vermont, Maine, Northern California, British Columbia and Alberta. www.breakside.com


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Source: EIN Presswire