San Jose Serviced Apartment Leader, Key Housing Announces November 2020 NorCal Designee

Key Housing is a best-in-class short term and corporate housing service in California.

Key Housing is a best-in-class short term and corporate housing service in California. The company is announcing its NorCal Designee for October.

Each month, our team scours Northern California to identify a best-in-class complex for the most popular categories such as serviced apartments.”

— Bob Lee

SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA, USA, October 30, 2020 / — Key Housing, a top-rated corporate housing service for the San Jose, California, area, is proud to announce its November NorCal designees as the Bella Villagio apartment complex. Located at 383 Vista Roma Way in San Jose, California, the complex has become extremely popular with European and British travelers who want so-called 'serviced' or 'furnished apartments' in the heart of Silicon Valley.

“Each month, our team scours Northern California to identify a best-in-class complex for the most popular categories such as serviced apartments,” explained Bob Lee, President of Key Housing. He went on in detail: “Bella Villagio is a strong competitor as it has everything for the savvy European or British visitor: a great location, a beautiful look, an amazing pool and fitness center, and the opportunity for a furnished apartment. It means that the busy business traveler literally has a home away from home in San Jose, California."

Interested persons can view the November designee for Northern California at or on their own website at The complex is described as follows. A haven of charming Italian-inspired residences, Bella Villagio offers a signature twist of traditional style and contemporary living in the choice of 1-, 2-, or 3-bedroom floor plans. The pet-friendly community has sophisticated spaces for central gatherings, a first-class fitness center, and a gorgeous pool. Inside each spacious home, visitors will find convenient features like stainless steel appliances and an in-unit washer and dryer. Select homes boast extra enhancements like beautiful hardwood-style vinyl floors and sweeping views. While the gracious kitchens invite home cooking, those who prefer to dine out can visit a variety of eclectic restaurants just down the street.

For commuting, the central location is ideal. Bella Villagio is close to major freeways for zipping all around the Bay Area and offers easy access to the VTA Light Rail and San Jose Mineta airport. Persons who are interested can not only visit the websites but also check out the Silicon Valley information page at In call cases, interested persons should reach out to Key Housing for a consultation as availability and pricing are subject to change without notice.


Based in Folsom, California, Key Housing Connections Inc. specializes in corporate housing and serviced apartments in large cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles or San Diego as well as smaller cities like Fresno, Burbank, and Carlsbad. Key Housing is a leader in affordable, friendly, short-term and corporate housing in places like Bakersfield, Encinitas, Hermosa Beach, and just about every city in California. Whether it's a San Diego serviced apartment or a San Francisco furnished rental, just search, click or call today!

Key Housing
(800) 989-0410

Bob Lee
Key Housing
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The Mariposa Gazette released misleading articles in regards to the proposed changes to the code enforcement ordinance in Mariposa County.

I have worked closely with Silver & Wright for years and have found them to be extremely ethical and honest, and always professional, even despite being treated unfairly and portrayed inaccurately.”

— Steve Dahlem, Mariposa County Counsel

MARIPOSA, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, October 29, 2020 / — On October 29, 2020, The Mariposa Gazette released misleading articles in regards to the recently proposed changes to code enforcement ordinance in Mariposa County by the Board of Supervisors.

Silver & Wright LLP got involved with reviewing the Administrative Citation Ordinance after being asked by the County a few months ago. The ordinance had already been prepared internally by the County. The County’s goals were to bring the ordinance into compliance with State law, make the process more fair and efficient, attempt to increase voluntary compliance, and reduce costs to taxpayers.

It’s the County’s ordinance, not the firms’. Other than assisting with reviewing, Silver & Wright LLP has no other role nor have they been asked to do anything else with it. In fact, the goal of the ordinance is to clarify the County’s administrative procedures, give more notice and time to correct violations, and reduce the role of courts and lawyers altogether.

The Mariposa Gazette and several community members have expressed concerns regarding the recent efforts to update the code enforcement ordinance. Despite the slanderous and false narrative that the Mariposa Gazette continues to push out regarding the Jerry Cox case and now Silver & Wright LLP’s involvement in simply reviewing the code enforcement ordinance amendment, we have provided the correct information below.

The Mariposa Gazette and community members have made attempts to misrepresent and correlate ongoing cases in Indio and Coachella that is completely irrelevant.

Despite what the media has circulated regarding the case, the factual details are as follows:

-While Indio entered into a settlement, the City denied any wrongdoing and none of the convicted defendants have been reimbursed anything out of the settlement.
-The cities had enhanced those cases to criminal violations due to the violators’ lack of cooperation with law enforcement, which the Mariposa Administrative Citation Ordinance is intended to prevent.
-The relevant defendants were all convicted, were not charged prosecutions fees directly despite false reporting to the contrary, and Silver & Wright LLP was paid for its services by the cities regardless of case outcome or the cities’ cost recovery. Pursuant to State law at the time, the cities were then authorized to seek recovery of the public funds that the public was forced to incur due to those convicted defendants’ refusal to cooperate with the cities’ nuisance abatement efforts.
-Two of the three claims in that case have been dismissed and the cities settled their claims due to their desire not to incur significant costs to litigate the case, not because the law was against them. Those cities denied any wrongdoing and Silver & Wright LLP refused to sign the settlements because the plaintiffs were wrong. These were the cities cases and policies, not ours, and as such was their decision it was how to resolve them, not ours. That case was about those cities seeking cost recovery in criminal nuisance abatement cases, which was later changed by the law. We were paid by the cities, not the defendants, regardless of the result of a case. Silver & Wright LLP does not do any criminal work for the County.
-The settlements didn’t set aside their convictions and those plaintiffs never even claimed they were innocent, which they weren’t.

Rather than doing real journalistic research and fact-checking by contacting Silver & Wright LLP, it’s apparent that the Mariposa Gazette’s extent of research was simply online searches. If they had taken the time to contact the firm, we would have been happy to provide them with not only a statement but factual details supported by documents that would counter the false narratives.

Tamrin Olden
Silver & Wright LLP
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Xiaomi enters top three for first time as smartphone market picks up in Q3 2020

Worldwide smartphone market Q3 2020

Worldwide smartphone market Q3 2020

In Q3 2020, worldwide smartphone shipments reached 348.0 million units, at a 1% decline year on year. But they were up 22% on the previous quarter.

SINGAPORE, October 29, 2020 / — In Q3 2020, worldwide smartphone shipments reached 348.0 million units, at a 1% decline year on year. But they were up 22% on the previous quarter. Samsung regained the lead, up 2% to 80.2 million units. Huawei slipped into second place with a 23% fall to 51.7 million units. Xiaomi took third place for the first time, reaching 47.1 million units with 45% growth. Apple, which had no flagship iPhone launch in September, shipped 43.2 million, down 1%, while Vivo completed the top five, shipping 31.8 million units. Oppo came sixth, with 31.1 million units, while its sister brand Realme moved into seventh, its highest ever position, with 15.1 million units. Lenovo reported 10.2 million units, as it finally caught up with orders delayed due to disruption at its Wuhan factory, and Transsion shipped 8.4 million units as recovery started in its key African markets.

“Xiaomi executed with aggression to seize shipments from Huawei,” said Mo Jia, Analyst. “There was symmetry in Q3, as Xiaomi added 14.5 million units and Huawei lost 15.1 million. In Europe, a key battleground, Huawei’s shipments fell 25%, while Xiaomi’s grew 88%. Xiaomi took a risk setting high production targets, but this move paid off when it was able to fill channels in Q3 with high-volume devices, such as the Redmi 9 series. The vendor invested to bring in local expertise to gain the trust of distributors and carriers,” added Jia. “But it still faces competition from Oppo and Vivo, which have grown to cover a wide range of price bands in Southeast Asia, and are now driving into Europe too, where they are positioning as more premium options for carriers, and risk trapping Xiaomi at the low end. Realme is also becoming a serious contender, growing beyond ecommerce, and threatens to undercut Xiaomi as it transforms its go-to-market strategy.”

“Samsung suffered in Q2 due to its dependence on offline retail, but Q3 saw a major recovery,” said Canalys Analyst Shengtao Jin. “Its momentum was fueled by three key factors. Firstly, in many regions it saw pent-up demand from Q2 spill over into Q3. Secondly, it regained second place in India, as its Korean brand was shielded from anti-Chinese sentiment (see Canalys press release: India’s smartphone market rebounds in Q3 2020 to record high of 50 million). Thirdly, Samsung ramped up its launches of low-to-mid-range devices, and introduced other incentives, such as discounts and free online deliveries, to stimulate demand. Samsung is now positioning for more online sales as it launches exclusive online devices, such as the Galaxy F series for Flipkart. Despite its momentum, Samsung’s oversized portfolio is still the biggest pain point for the channel, which is reluctant to hand it more power.”

“This quarter was a welcome relief, with few restrictions on businesses and citizens between July and September,” said Ben Stanton, Senior Analyst. “But the ramifications of the first-half lockdowns still persist. Offline channels, for example, are being increasingly pared back, amid store closures and staff redundancies, and vendors now have to compete harder to attain floorspace. Limited supply of 4G chipsets will cause supply chain bottlenecks and increase production costs. Additionally, rising COVID-19 rates in regions such as Europe will soon force governments to bring back stricter nationwide measures. The second wave will stretch government stimulus budgets, and cause widespread bankruptcies and job losses in affected areas. Unfortunately, the relief of Q3 looks set to be short-lived.”

Rachel Lashford
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VeriKlick Announces VeriSource for Direct Sourcing with the Power of Candidate Verification

VeriKlick Announces VeriSource for Direct Sourcing with the Power of Candidate Verification

NEWARK, NJ, USA, October 29, 2020 / — VeriKlick, a candidate verification and talent management platform, has announced a new direct sourcing solution, VeriSource, an expert managed candidate sourcing tool.

VeriSource is the hands-off solution for companies across the nation for getting top talent, helping to contact, verify, and hire the right person in one ecosystem with automated tasks to verify resumes sourced from a vendor network. The solution offers direct sourcing and private talent pools for temporary staffing with the power of automated verification to find the perfect hire. VeriSource does the searching, screening, and verifying so you can spend time interviewing and hiring the best interview-ready candidates.

“Innovation is the key to progress and by far is an ongoing, primary strategic vision,” says Komal Dangi, Chief Executive Officer of VeriKlick, a product of Synkriom. “Our success is primarily based on the success that we can lead others to, and this requires not only structure, but listening to the needs of our customers. By doing this, we can gauge what we can do to meet those needs.”

VeriSource is the only direct sourcing program available with checks and balances, and in conjunction with VeriKlick’s verification and talent management platform, can be integrated with your company’ digital ecosystem, featuring direct sourcing with prescreening capabilities powered by AI/ML and voice biometrics.

As the market for contingent workforce management grows, VeriKlick meets the demand with innovation.

Dangi asserts, “We filter fake and junk applications and resumes to enhance recruitment ROI. With our product, you’ll drive down costs with effective screening and process optimization. Our seal of endorsement for top talent comes with the creation of fool-proof layers on all your searches and selections.”

To reach and hire the best job candidates, VeriSource will team with you to meet hiring manager needs. Request a free trial to get started or speak to a talent advisor (732-534-3888) to understand how we could work for you.

About VeriSource
VeriSource is full-service candidate sourcing. The hands-off recruiting solution is powered by industry-leading advisors for finding the perfect hire with an easy-to-use interface that lets you manage the talent acquisition and application process from start finish. Get unlimited access and communication with their talent advisors. Interview-ready candidates are passed on to your hiring managers, thoroughly vetted by VeriKlick. The searching, screening, verifying, and recruiting is done for you so you can spend your time interviewing and hiring. For more information, visit

Komal Dangi
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Dixie Law Group, PSC, Attains First Civil Jury Verdict in Louisville Since the COVID-19 Pandemic Lockdowns

Justin May and the Dixie Law Group trial team attain a verdict for $31,669.14 against a Defendant who Ran Red-light in a COVID-19 Trial.

LOUISVILLE, KY, USA, October 29, 2020 / — The Dixie Law Group, PSC, trial team attained a $31,669.14 verdict in Louisville, KY, on October 29, 2020. The case involved a lady who ran a red light and struck a man on his way to work in 2018 at the intersection of I-65 and the Outer Loop.

The case is the first civil jury verdict in Louisville since the pandemic. “The courtroom officials, the bailiffs, and the judge did an excellent job of making sure everyone was safe,” said the lead attorney, Justin May. “We had a great client and a good case, and the jury saw that.”

The jury trial took three days due to the increased safety precautions. After the close of evidence on October 28, the attorneys returned the next morning and made their closing arguments to the jury. The jury reached a verdict in about an hour and a half. The jury awarded $1,669.14 in medical bills, $25,000 in past pain and suffering, and $5,000 in future pain and suffering. The judge entered a directed verdict on the plaintiff's medical bills from his emergency room visit before the jury deliberated.

“This is a great sign that things can get back to normal and that people can get justice in Louisville,” said Justin May. “We appreciate the service of the jury. It’s great that they were brave enough to show Kentucky that we can safely return to the courtroom.”

The Dixie Law Group, PSC, is located on Dixie Highway in Louisville, Kentucky. Its attorneys represent injured victims of car wrecks, truck wrecks, and other catastrophic injuries. They value trying their clients’ cases to force insurance companies to evaluate ordinary day to day things taken from the victim's life, rather than just their medical bills and lost wages.

Brian Weber
Dixie Law Group, PSC
+1 502-290-2397
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Trump Team’s Action to Remove Federal Protection for Endangered Wolves Days Before the Election Is Political Malpractice

President Trump’s Dept. of Interior is committing political malpractice with a plan to remove federal protections for wolves in the Northern Great Lakes region.

Trump is trailing in the polls not because rural communities are showing soft support for him, but because he’s badly lagging with suburban voters, especially women.”

— Wayne Pacelle

WASHINGTON, DC, UNITED STATES , October 29, 2020 / — Wayne Pacelle, President of Animal Wellness Action, released the following statement today on the Trump Administration's removal of federal protections for gray wolves in the Northern Great Lakes region:

Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin are swing states in presidential politics. They are also wolf states – with the family-oriented gray wolves stalking the boreal forests in search of deer and moose and beavers in their northern reaches.

President Trump’s Interior Department team is committing political malpractice by announcing today – just days before the close of the national election – a plan to remove federal protections for wolves in the Northern Great Lakes region, and also throughout the rest of their scant range in the lower 48 states. Two top Administration officials are in Minnesota to tout the final action to remove federal protection for the wolves and turn over management to state fish and wildlife agencies clamoring for the chance to open trophy hunting and trapping seasons for wolves.

President Trump, by all estimates, is behind in the polls in all three states, and this is a calculated political maneuver to boost support in them.

I want to tell the Administration that they are upside down on the politics of this issue.

Trump is trailing in the polls not because rural communities are showing soft support for him, but because he’s badly lagging with suburban voters, especially women.

He may not realize that attitudes toward wolves have come a long way since the fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood’s portrayal of the “big bad wolf.”

Just look at the treatment of Canis lupus in perhaps the most popular television series of all time, “Game of Thrones.” The wolves became part of the Stark family, whose characters were the central actors in the seven-year, immensely popular TV drama. The wolf is the totem animal emblazoned on the flag of House Stark. The forebearers of the dogs we love in our homes, they were viewed as powerful, family-oriented, brave, loyal, and intuitive – the very attributes we admire in people.

The reality is, wolves play a critical role in their native ecosystems, as anyone who has watched the powerful documentary “How Wolves Change Rivers” can attest. Biologists in Yellowstone have found that wolves push deer and elk populations from overgrazed areas, enabling aspen and willow to reclaim ground and restore forest health. Restored streams have attracted more spawning salmon and trout, plants, songbirds, water-wading birds, and moose.

Wolf predation helps maintain healthy deer populations, lowering the frequency of deer-auto collisions and prevalence of crop losses. This saves private citizens and governments tens of millions of dollars a year. And wolves are a bulwark against Chronic Wasting Disease, a brain wasting disorder that kills deer and has cost states hundreds of millions of dollars to contain.

Wolves also generate jobs and commerce. The International Wolf Center in Ely, Minn. contributes $3 million to the local economy annually, and annual visitor spending has increased by $35 million since the reintroduction of wolves in the states surrounding Yellowstone National Park.

The Trump Administration plan, if not stopped in the courts, would result in at least 1,500 wolves being killed a year in the three Great Lakes states, with the states seeking to use steel-jawed leghold traps and snares. Wisconsin’s diabolical plan would allow hunting of wolves with packs of dogs – enabling animal fighting without the pit or the wagering, but with all the same cruelty.

And the killing would be done not for food, but just for the thrill of killing the animals and claiming a trophy.

The American public will no longer tolerate that kind of wanton cruelty and waste.

In 2014, I worked on two referendums in Michigan to nullify an effort by state lawmakers to open up a trophy hunting and trapping season on wolves. Voters favored the measure to bar wolf hunting by an overwhelming margin, with 64 percent of voters in one measure favoring continued protections for the wolves.

Remember, that’s Michigan, which is viewed as a battleground state, and it is a key audience for today’s choreographed event.

The notion that wolves have recovered across the range only passes the straight-face test if you believe “barely hanging on” constitutes recovery. Add up all the surviving wolves in the lower 48 states and they amount to only 5,000 or so animals – fewer wolves ambling over millions of square miles than there are people in the 12-square-mile small town of Truth or Consequences, New Mexico.

There are not more than 200 wolves in any one of the states where they’ve recently set foot, including California, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, and Washington. If wolves lose federally protected status, then despite overwhelming public opposition, the mass killing of wolves will resume in more than half a dozen states where ranchers, trophy hunters, and trappers hold the balance of power and view them as invaders.

And let’s put wolf predation and conflicts in perspective. Although some wolves do occasionally prey on livestock, it’s minimal. Wolf kills account for between 0.1 percent and 0.6 percent of all livestock deaths. Of all the world’s top predators, they are among the least threatening to human beings – with no documented attacks by healthy wolves on people in the lower 48 states in the last century.

Wolves are an economic and environmental boon, promoting wildlife-associated tourism, providing a check on prey populations, stemming wildlife disease, and strengthening the vigor of the ecosystems.

In a nation with more than 320 million people and just a few thousand wolves, only a distorted view of reality can lead one to conclude that wolves have recovered. Killing wolves for their heads and hides – or for the thrill and spectacle – is bad policy. It’s also bad politics. We may get some proof of that on Tuesday when the suburban precincts report their results in Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin.

The long period of persecution that wolves endured at our hands should be a lesson of history, not a guide for future action.

Marty Irby
Animal Wellness Action
+1 202-821-5686
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Antonio Luis Llinas Oñate nos dice las ventajas de la renta de autos durante coronavirus

ventajas de la renta de autos durante la pandemia de coronavirus

“Estas son las ventajas de la renta de autos durante el coronavirus o Covid-19 en México. Descubre beneficios especiales y ofertas únicas” Antonio Llinas Oñate.

Política Cero contacto: La implementación del check in online y la firma del contrato digital evita filas y estar en contacto con el personal al momento de rentar un auto.”

— Antonio Llinas

CANCUN, QUINTANA ROO, MEXICO, October 29, 2020 / — Antonio Luis Llinas Oñate nos dice las ventajas de la renta de autos durante coronavirus

“Estas son las ventajas de la renta de autos durante la pandemia de coronavirus o Covid-19 en México. Descubre beneficios especiales y ofertas únicas” Antonio Llinas Oñate.

La pandemia de coronavirus ha impactado en la mayoría de los países del mundo, y en Europcar entendemos muy bien lo esencial que se ha vuelto nuestro servicio durante estos tiempos tan inciertos, para mantener a salvo a tus seres amados.

Ciertamente, el distanciamiento social es la clave para que esta pandemia se pueda detener, pero también entendemos lo esencial que es salir a comprar alimentos, ir en busca de familiares para mantenerse unidos, o simplemente para moverse entre las ciudades y resolver asuntos pendientes que quizá no se puedan postergar, por ello, te decimos que hoy más que nunca, debas pensar en la renta de autos, y aquí te contamos los beneficios de este servicio durante el coronavirus.

Ventajas de la renta de autos durante coronavirus

1. Tarifas especiales

Durante el tiempo que dure la cuarentena, en Europcar México ofrecemos tarifas bajas como beneficio especial para apoyar a la economía familiar, porque sabemos que moverse en auto es mucho más fácil y cómodo, sobre todo en tiempos del coronavirus, donde usar el transporte público puede ser arriesgado al exponerte a un espacio muy concurrido, comenta Antonio Luis Llinas Oñate, CEO de Europcar México.

Hacemos todo lo posible para mantener abiertas la mayoría de nuestras oficinas en toda la república, sobre todo aquellas que operan dentro de los aeropuertos.

Recuerda, en Europcar lo que ves es lo que pagas, por lo que puedes reservar con la seguridad de que al recoger el auto no habrá cargos sorpresas.

2. Servicio a domicilio ¡Sin costo!

Entendemos la necesidad de no salir de casa para no exponerse al coronavirus, por ello hemos puesto en marcha la entrega de autos a domicilio con un precio desde $195 mxn por día, pero con la seguridad de recibir el auto en la puerta de tu casa y, al finalizar la renta, personal de Europcar irá hasta tu casa por el vehículo. Este servicio está limitado a cierto rango de distancia desde la ubicación de la sucursal donde rentarás el auto, por lo que es necesario solicitar este beneficio a los teléfonos de la sucursal.

Antonio Llinas Oñate hace énfasis en “lo que ves publicado es lo que pagas

3. Alternativa de movilidad segura
Lejos de las tarifas especiales ofrecidas para apoyar a la ciudadanía, Antonio Llinas nos dice que el rentar un auto con Europcar, podrás moverte de forma segura, sin riesgo de coronavirus al utilizar el auto, y es que, aunque se trata de un auto de renta, puedes tener la certeza de que desinfectamos nuestros autos tras cada servicio.

“Para limpiar nuestros autos hemos desarrollado un nuevo protocolo de limpieza. Además de la limpieza normal, hemos puesto especial atención en 41 áreas del vehículo para asegurarte así un auto impecable y reducir el riesgo de contagios en las ciudades”.

Sabemos que esto es un beneficio especial de la renta de autos, porque entendemos la suspicacia que pueda surgir por la limpieza de nuestros vehículos, pero puedes tener la seguridad de que recibirás un auto debidamente desinfectado en cualquier oficina de Europcar México.

4. Cambio de fechas sin costo

El CEO de Europcar México, Antonio Luis Llinas Oñate entiende muy bien que el coronavirus ha obligado a muchos a tener que cambiar las fechas de sus viajes, por ello, ha implementado una política de cambios de fecha sin costo, por lo que puedes reprogramar tu reservación con Europcar México las veces que necesites sin penalidad alguna, aunque recomendamos contactarnos al menos 24 horas antes para realizar el cambio.

Todos los cambios de fechas puedes solicitarlos al 800 201 2084 o a

5. Cero contacto

Antonio Llinas nos cuenta sobre la implementación que hicieron con el check in online y la firma del contrato digital a principios del 2020 que evita filas y estar en contacto con nuestro personal al momento de rentar un auto en tu ciudad. Ambos procesos puedes realizarlos directamente desde tu celular de forma intuitiva una vez que hayas hecho una reservación web.

El CEO de Europcar México, Antonio Llinas Oñate dice “estamos listos para recibirte y brindarte uno de los servicios más esenciales durante la pandemia de coronavirus. Ahora que conoces las ventajas de rentar autos en tiempos de Covid-19, solo basta un par de clics para ponerte en movimiento de forma cómoda y segura”.

Sarahi Rangel
Europcar Mexico
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Pandemic boosts cloud consumption by a third in Q3 2020

Worldwide cloud market share Q3 2020

Worldwide cloud market share Q3 2020

The worldwide cloud market grew 33% to US$36.5 billion in Q3 2020, which was US$2.0 billion higher than the previous quarter according to Canalys data.

SINGAPORE, October 29, 2020 / — Cloud infrastructure services spend in Q3 2020 continued to benefit from the fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic. The worldwide cloud market grew 33% to US$36.5 billion in Q3 2020, which was US$2.0 billion higher than the previous quarter and US$9.0 billion up on Q3 2019 according to Canalys data. The dependence on cloud-based tools and services remained high across all sectors of the economy, including governments, businesses and consumers, as social-distancing measures persisted. The return of stricter lockdown measures in certain regions over the coming months means cloud will remain vital for sustaining business operations, remote working and learning, as well as customer engagement.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) was the leading cloud service provider in Q3 2020, increasing its share of total spend from last quarter to 32%. It grew its business by US$2.6 billion in Q3 compared with the same period last year, continuing its rapid expansion. Overall, AWS generated more revenue than the next three largest cloud service providers combined.

Microsoft started its new fiscal year with another strong performance in its Azure business, growing 48% on an annual basis to reach a 19% market share. This is up from a 17% share in Q3 2019. It reported an increase in long-term contracts, highlighting growing commitment among its larger customers as they migrate mission-critical workloads to Azure.

Google Cloud maintained its momentum, particularly around its six targeted industries. Its enterprise business accelerated, as it focuses on increasing channel involvement in deals as well as partner enablement. Google Cloud retained its position as the third largest cloud service provider with a 7% share.

Alibaba Cloud continued to lead the Chinese market, where cloud computing is a key part of the government’s development plans. It is also the overall leader in the Asia Pacific region. Alibaba Cloud accounted for 6% of the worldwide market.

Technology spending remains robust despite the global economic downturn, primarily for products and services enabling business continuity, including notebook PCs and peripherals, cloud-based services and cybersecurity. Experiences gained by organizations during the first lockdown highlighted the need to increase business resiliency and agility. “Increased consumption has driven cloud infrastructure services spend this year, though some larger and more complex deals were delayed due to uncertainty caused by the pandemic,” said Canalys Chief Analyst Matthew Ball. “But as organizations adjust to the new normal, these longer-term projects are accelerating again. Some organizations are taking a cost-driven approach by reducing capital expenditure on their own data centers and cutting management costs from outsourcing contracts. Others are taking a transformational approach, developing new cloud-native applications and business models. But they will all have to be more measured and cost-conscious, requiring greater control and visibility of spend, while also deciding not to migrate every workload.”

Multi-cloud and hybrid IT will continue to gain momentum as organizations assess the optimal deployment and operating model for each workload, based on cost and performance. This will include mobile edge incorporating 5G for existing and new applications requiring ultra-low latency. These include autonomous vehicles, industrial robotics, and augmented and virtual reality solutions. “The convergence of cloud and 5G at the mobile edge will form the next wave of growth for the leading cloud service providers,” said Canalys Research Analyst Blake Murray. “It also represents a new front for infrastructure buildout and competition between AWS with Wavelength, Microsoft Azure with Edge Zones, and Google Cloud with Mobile Edge Cloud. All three are collaborating with mobile operators to deploy their cloud stacks at the edge in the operators’ data centers. These are part of holistic initiatives to profit from 5G services among business customers, as well as transform the mobile operators’ IT infrastructure.”

Matthew Ball
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Luvyle provides stunning collection of casual maxi dresses for women

Luvyle offers a plethora of options when it comes to women’s clothes. This fashion retailer has some amazing varieties of causal maxi dresses in store.

HONG KONG, CHINA, October 29, 2020 / — Maxi dresses are becoming a strict wardrobe staple and fashion friend for women as they are comfy, flattering, stylish, feminine, versatile and can take your style sense notches higher. Without the need for much fuss, casual maxi dresses can make the divas look stunning and Luvyle, the global online store, is leaving no stone unturned to make the ladies happy with its cool collection of maxi dresses.

Be it the playful stripes, feminine floral prints, boho prints emanating the causal vibes, the retro polka dots to camisole maxi dresses or baggy stuff, a look at the stunning collection of Luvyle will tempt any fashion lover to load the online cart and make the e-shopping spree exciting. To make the offers more interesting, there is discount that one can avail on every product. It is essential to keep an eye on the flash sale going on along with clearance sale and hot sale making online buyers supper happy. A small delay in the buying decision can make one regret it as the maxi dresses are getting sold in a jiffy. So those who are maxi dress lovers and want to grab some interesting casual pieces, must purchase from Luvyle at the earliest.

This goes out to the lovers of cool sweatshirts who want to sport something causal yet stylish and a no-fuss look. Luvyle has stunning sweatshirts to impress the feline lovers or those in love with laidback attitude. One can pick Hooded Letters Causal Hoodies, Striped Printed Loose Hoodie, Round Neck Long Sleeve Cat Sweatshirt, Asymmetric Neck Drawstring Plain Sweatshirts and the list goes on.
When the online buyers decide to buy from Luvyle, they can enjoy fast worldwide free shipping services on orders over $79. There is 10% discount for the new customers placing their first order. With a number of payment methods offered, completing the checkout process is very easy.

About Luvyle
Luvyle is a reputed global online retail store offering fashionable clothing for women in different stylish avatars. The top-quality and stylish tops, outerwear, bottoms and more are offered at affordable prices.
To know more or to buy online, please visit

Media Relations
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Source: EIN Presswire Now offers a new line of casual shoes for women

HONG KONG, CHINA, October 29, 2020 / — makes it simple to search for the footwear of customers’ choice. Each pair of shoes is aesthetically designed by the experienced and skilled shoemakers. All the footwear is resolved and repaired to enhance the life. The company strives to provide the superior quality products so that customers can use them for a long time without any issue. Sustainable footwear adds style and provides comfort without any additional efforts. has gained a high level of recognition and maintenance by providing the best quality shoes since its establishment.

People looking for superior quality footwear products at an affordable price range can visit the site. The website is updated with the latest design and range of products to pick the desired one. Competitive and modest prices help customers to save money. People can also enjoy a discount on casual sneakers throughout the year, especially on festive sales. Anybody who logs in to the site can buy the elegant footwear without any effort. Shoe selection is not an issue because the buyers can find the color, size, and varieties by browsing the several categories available on the website.

Ranging from casual shoes for women to stylish footwear products, strives to maintain transparent dealings with customers. If the buyers are unsatisfied with the product, they can return it and claim a full refund. The website provides high quality shoes at an affordable price and guarantees to stand by the product when the quality is concerned.

The portal takes an essential step to safeguard the sensitive and personal details of its customers. The website uses advanced technology to ensure that customer's personal information such as debit/credit card detail, bank account specifies, and other details remain insulated and completely safe.

About ShoesSee is a reputed website that sells the superior quality shoes at an attractive price range.

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Source: EIN Presswire