MYTOZ launches worldwide service for monetizing attention

Stockholm-based MYTOZ launches a new way attention is earned and spent by advertisers – allowing users to monetize their attention into rewards and products

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN, October 23, 2018 / — Gone are the days in which your attention is monetized solely for the gain of corporations – attention unwillingly given to the thousands of advertisements every day, adding up to more than 15% of the time you spend online.

MYTOZ believes that attention is in itself a form of currency. As an advertiser, you earn it and spend it with your users and, if not careful – you can lose it as well. However, this attention is unwillingly acquired from users without any gain to the end user whatsoever.

“No one has done this before”, says Ian Petras, CMO of MYTOZ. “Others have tried, but have limited success to their services merely rewarding the user with imaginary internet points. MYTOZ plans to uses those points and currency to allow the user to buy products directly from the MYTOZ webshop – as well as planning to launch completely free mobile phones in the long-term future of the company.

The service itself is composed of two parts: a mobile application and a website which contains the shop. The user installs the application and without any other settings – starts earning immediately by having tailored product offers displayed directly on their phone screen – when they want it, as they want it, for as long as they want it. These are highly relevant product offers – and not a bulk collection of ads.

The service is a first for advertisers as well – having massive advantages over existing platforms. By collating the exact data that the user interacts with, MYTOZ is able to build very exact persona and offer targeting options which have been so far unavailable for most businesses – leading to lower spend and a much higher marketing ROI overall.

Founded in 2015 by Rolf Lundqvist, MYTOZ has set to building an alternative infrastructure from which both advertisers and those seeing the ads can benefit, instead of the one-sided economy of advertising we have today in the world. We believe that the Internet itself was largely fueled by advertisements and that making this process work for both sides will only serve to fuel a renewed desire for online innovation and the digital economy. We support free speech and the right of anyone to monetize their attention – be it the advertiser or the user. Long term, MYTOZ A.B plans on releasing worldwide free mobile phones equipped with free data plans.


Ian Petras
+44 778 039 20 23
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Florida Rental By Owners Announces AVROA Certification, OwnerRez Integration

Florida Rental By Owners announces certification and integration updates for seamless vacation rental bookings, now the #1 Owner Preferred Advertising Platform

TORONTO, CANADA, October 23, 2018 / — Millions of travelers flock to Florida’s beaches and attractions each year for vacation. Florida Rental By Owners (FLARBO) founders Nancy McAleer and Michele Totino have created a world-class vacation rental platform designed by owners for owners to meet the demand for vacation rentals. The interface pairs property owners and managers with travelers without the booking fees and commissions assessed by popular vacation rental websites, saving both parties a significant amount of money.
“Florida Rental By Owners is focused on building the best vacation rental website in the state of Florida,” says Co-Founder Nancy McAleer. “Each and every aspect of the website is geared towards benefiting the owner or property manager as well as the traveler.”

“The FLARBO platform offers the best direct booking option available on the vacation rental market today. Each owner is verified and screened for ownership before the listing goes live. We’ve created an advertising platform that doesn’t interfere with an owner’s conversion of the sale. Direct communication offers the unique position to for them to utilize the latest software in the industry like sending the traveler materials like insider guides, guest experience information and automated nurture emails where large OTA (online travel agencies) are severly lacking.”

“We don’t restrict our owners and managers to book on the FLARBO platform which gives them the opportunity to save money by utilizing their own cost effective payment platforms.”

Both McAleer and Totino are successful vacation rental owners and their commitment lies first and foremost with owners and property managers. This loyalty has resulted in the website becoming an Association of Vacation Rental Operators and Affiliates (AVROA) Certified Listing Service and integrating with OwnerRez, a property and booking management software company.

“We’re excited to partner with AVROA because their members are the perfect compliment to our ideal client: someone who cares deeply about the guest experience and their business,” says McAleer.

In light of the AVROA certification, members of AVROA can receive a discount of 10% off any subscription level when they list their properties on FLARBO.
The recent integration with OwnerRez is geared towards improving the booking process and ease of property management for owners and travelers, giving owners the ability to communicate directly with travelers through the software if they choose.

The booking management software integrates seamlessly with FLABRO and allows the owner to complete inquiries, bookings and manual tasks through the software while avoiding double bookings.

“Providing owners and travelers with direct communication allows for better conversions, more bookings and more savings for everyone,” states McAleer. “It’s a win-win scenario for everyone. We're seeing an abundance of bookings for our owners, in some cases contributing up to 75% of their rental reservations which is extremely exciting."

The website currently features an ever-growing database of more than 800+ quality vacation rental listings throughout the state of Florida. Accommodations range in price from luxury to budget-friendly rentals in addition to other niche vacation rentals such as boat and pet-friendly options.

About Florida Rental By Owners
Built by owners for owners, Florida Rental By Owners (FLARBO) is a digital vacation rental platform that connects homeowners and property managers with travelers through an easy-to-use interface. Through FLARBO, travelers have access to a growing database of 800+ quality vacation homes without the traveler fees charged by other large vacation rental websites.

Nancy McAleer
Florida Rental By Owners
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Halloween party game: Fhtagn! – Dark Young expansion launch

Fhtagn! – Tales of the Creeping Madness

Who will be the sacrifice?

Choose-your-own-adventure in Fhtagn!

Finally, you can sacrifice your friends and summon an Ancient Horror in the new Dark Young expansion for the Halloween party game Fhtagn!

Fhtagn! – Tales of the Creeping Madness is an amusing text-driven choose-your-own-adventure game with a snazzy style and dark humor.”

— Trevor Whalen at TechRaptor

PRETORIA, GL, SOUTH AFRICA, October 23, 2018 / — With the Halloween season in full swing, celebrate the most frightful of holidays with an indie game that will both chill and tickle your funny bone! On 22 October 2018, Design Imps launched a new expansion (the Dark Young) for their game Fhtagn! – Tales of the Creeping Madness.

Dubbed the "funniest take on mystic doomsday cults in years", Fhtagn! is a choose-your-own-adventure game where you can play as one of four cultists intent on destroying the world by summoning an Ancient Horror. Decide how you will be preparing for the final ritual by visiting various locations in the unsuspecting town of Arkham and navigating iconic Lovecraftian events. Battle investigators, gangs, corrupt cops and horrors from the Depths to bring about the end of the world!

This text-based adventure game boasts:
• 93 000 words.
• Across 113 events with 370 potential story outcomes.
• Fulfil 1 of 24 roles with 56 role feedback stories.
• 142 different character endings.

In its first instalment, this party/boardgame-esque game saw the cult of The Dreaming Eye trying wake the thing of the idols, that green, sticky spawn of the stars (can you guess who?) to claim the world. Now, there is a new cult in town – The Thousand Young. These sycophantic backstabbers are devoted to the All-Mother and Mother only wants the best and the brightest. You have 6 rounds to build up the required stats needed to use the ritual items in the final ritual, but you also need to outwit your “friends” and make sure it is them on the chopping block and not you. For every successful round you complete, you get ‘Not It’ stacks, which you use in the end of the game to determine who will be sacrificed to dear Mother. The player who receives the most votes will become the juicy glazed ham on the altar in the Dark Forest. Or will they? Should you be voted as the sacrifice, you will have the chance to escape and GTFO outta there!

The expansion includes:
• New cult
• New Ancient One
• Now with useable items
• More stories
• New game mechanics
• More investigators

If Fhtagn!’s stories aren’t scary enough for you this Halloween, you can write your own stories for the game! The Steam version of the game has a Content Creator feature where you can create your own stories and play it with your friends. All that is needed is a story idea and no programming is required. It is a modern take on the classic creepy campfire stories where you can frighten the living daylights out of your friends. Who remembers telling creepy stories like The Licked Hand, The Attack of the Hook-man or The Vanishing Hitchhiker? We’re sure you can do better this year with your own mad creation, by using the Fhtagn! Content Creator.

The game shines in local co-op or screen-share with friends and it is a casual game that will provide loads of entertainment. With snazzy graphics, betrayal is best served with a jazzy/swing soundtrack and neo-noir visuals. Don’t miss out on this thrilling experience get your copy on the Steam Store Page or!

Ilana van Jaarsveld
Design Imps
+27 825632882
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Fhtagn! Dark Young expansion trailer

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Gabriel Btesh reveals goals for Panama's construction industry





A successful and well-known construction firm owner, Gabriel Btesh has worked tirelessly over several decades to help reshape his company's industry.

PANAMA CITY, PANAMA, October 23, 2018 / — As head of the family construction business originally founded by his father, Gabriel Btesh has spent over 30 years striving to change the face of the construction industry in his native Panama. Dedicated to a series of commitments made to himself early in his career, the construction company boss pledged to revolutionize the industry in three key areas.

"I promised myself that I would work toward increased well-being in the country, improved standards of living, and new levels of industry-wide architectural integrity," reveals Gabriel Btesh.

These goals, he says, would come second only to providing for his family, and have now been a key focus and driving force within his professional life for over three decades. "I'm proud to say that not only has the company grown to become a great success, but we've also succeeded in improving standards of living in Panama, in promoting well-being, and in implementing new levels of architectural integrity which are now largely standard," he explains.

From affordable housing projects to 5-star resorts and major shopping malls, Gabriel Gaby Btesh has managed to not only achieve his goals but has also created tens of thousands of much-needed jobs in the process. "In doing so, we're helping to boost the economy of Panama which is great news for everyone as a nation," he adds.

Of achieving improved standards of living and promoting well-being, Gabriel Btesh explains that he remains committed to including amenities such as gyms, social areas, and creative spaces within the company's residential and leisure projects.

Meanwhile, by sourcing only modern, high-quality materials—yet remaining conscious of cost—he has successfully fostered a new approach to construction in the country. "What we've been able to do, particularly in terms of affordable housing projects, is to creatively structure beautiful, modern living spaces, but in a cost-effective manner," he adds.

Of the jobs created and the economic benefits of the company's retail projects, Gabriel Gaby Btesh points out that where money is being regularly earned and spent, the economy is benefiting. "It circulates in a positive and accumulative manner, both locally and throughout the country, helping the wider economy of Panama to grow," he suggests.

"I'm delighted that we're able to continue helping change the face of Panama, increasing standards of living and growing the country's economy in the process," Gabriel Btesh adds, wrapping up.

Eric Ash
Web Presence, LLC
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Rhino Hide Announces Bulletproof Wall Filler to Protect Students and Staff from Active Shooters

Testing Rhino Hide Bulletproof Wall Filler

Installation Equipment

Typical Wall Filling Method

Groundbreaking new two-part liquid pours into existing walls and hardens to become bulletproof – allows kids and staff to shelter in place until police arrive.

I invented Rhino Hide because I have a daughter in high school. I see school shootings occurring more and more frequently. It is sickening to imagine this sort of violence occurring at her school,”

— Jason Giddings

SAGLE, IDAHO, UNITED STATES, October 23, 2018 / — Rhino Hide LLC today announced it will launch a line of liquid chemical wall-filler products that turn any classroom into a bulletproof safe-room where children and teachers can instantly shelter in place while waiting for the police to arrive. The projectile-resistant product can also be used to fortify community buildings against storms such as hurricanes or tornadoes.

“I invented Rhino Hide because I have a daughter in high school. I see school shootings occurring more and more frequently. It is sickening to imagine this sort of violence occurring at her school,” said Jason Giddings, Rhino Hide’s CEO. “So far, 256 regular folks have invested over $78,000 in the StartEngine campaign and made it possible to build an entire company to solve this epidemic.”

Rhino Hide’s competitors install small, bulletproof rooms inside one corner of each classroom. Precious time is wasted moving kids from their seats into the barricades. With Rhino Hide the classrooms are the saferooms. Kids can just wait for the police to arrive, safely in their seats.

Rhino Hide LLC is actively recruiting a national network of over 300 companies that will become certified installers all over the United States. This network will provide highly-trained, quality installation and customer service.

In addition to schools, Rhino Hide Bulletproof Wall Filler can be installed into community storm shelters, DIY home shelters, office and government buildings, police cars, military bases, movie theaters and even banks, protecting people wherever they gather from active shooters and severe storms.

Rhino Hide is currently seeking a total investment of $107,000 in equity crowdfunding. Anyone can invest as little as $100 to own a part of the company at

Jason Giddings
Rhino Hide
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Testing Rhino Hide Bulletproof Wall Filler

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World’s First Radar Shield Board for Arduino Released by OmniPreSense

Plug-in board provides long-range radar motion and speed detection for Arduino

SAN JOSE, CA, USA, October 23, 2018 / — OmniPreSense Corporation, an innovative supplier of Short-Range Radar (SRR) sensors, today announces the first radar sensor shield board that plugs directly into Arduino boards. A new upgrade to the OPS241 radar sensor allows a direct Arduino connection, bringing new capabilities to the popular DIY solution. The OPS241 plus an Arduino can enable unique electronic systems for motion detection, reporting speed, or direction of objects in the field of view.

The OPS241 and OPS242 are complete single board radar sensors capable of detecting objects up to 25m away. They have a beam width of approximately 78 wide which can be reduced to 26 with one of the electromagnetic lens enclosures OmniPreSense provides.

Arduino boards are one of the most popular processor boards for the DIY market. Its simple tools, code, and low cost has caused Arduino to be use in thousands of applications. Until today, there have not been any direct plug-in radar solutions. Now DIY enthusiasts can quickly build systems such as smart motion detectors that filter detection based on the speed or monitor the speed and direction of foot traffic.

“Arduino boards are the de facto standard for the do-it-yourself community,” stated Rob Frizzell, CEO and co-founder of OmniPreSense. “We’re pleased to ship the first radar sensor shield boards for Arduino and enable them with the unique capabilities radar provides.”

Pricing and Availability

The OPS241-A and OPS242-A radar sensors are available from OmniPreSense via its website ( and its distribution partners. They are priced at $169 and $189 respectively in single unit.

Based in San Jose, CA, OmniPreSense provides short range radar for sensing a safer world. OmniPreSense is a Techstars funded company, having recently completed the Techstars Autonomous Technology Accelerator.

Rob Frizzell
OmniPreSense Corporation
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Dealing with Celebrity Stalkers

John Lennon's bloody glasses, photo by Yoko Ono

John Lennon’s bloody glasses, photo by Yoko Ono

Ricardo López, stalker of Icelandic musician Björk

Ricardo López, stalker of Icelandic musician Björk

Intelligent Protection International

Press Releases of Intelligent Protection International Limited

For celebrities and those in the public eye, stalking is a real issue and more so with the growth of social media.

My God, I still have deep-seated resentment that she didn't go to somebody, even the police, and say 'Look, my husbands bought a gun and he says he's going to kill John Lennon”

— The wife of Mark Chapman

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, October 23, 2018 / — For celebrities and those in the public eye, stalking is a real issue and more so with the growth of social media.
UK based Intelligent Protection International, a firm that specializes in protecting Royalty, celebrities and Ultra-High-Net-Worth-Individuals feels that more can be done to combat stalking with more awareness of the issue and with security teams being more prepared.

There are many case studies of famous stalkers and of course those cases where the celebrity stalking became fatal.
Is it possible for personal security to detect or deter stalkers?

It is possible to detect a pattern of obsessive or aggressive behavior if you know what you are looking for, and, if communications are recorded in such a way that they can be reviewed.

The “Stalker Threat” can be split into two different groups, known stalkers and unknown stalkers. Let’s take a look at both and how they differ:

Known Stalkers:
Stalkers often come to the attention of the victim or the victim’s security team due to their actions either over a short intense period or over a long period of contact. This contact can be either physical or remote, via mail or online.

It does, of course, require joined up collaboration between the private office managing personal mail, PR office managing social media and the security team to first identify individuals who may pose a threat immediately or in the future. Monitoring of potential stalkers is of vital importance.

It is possible to act fast and obtain legal injunctions and court orders if it is perceived or evidenced that an individual is posing a credible threat.

With the advent of social media, celebrities are far more accessible to the public – you can almost reach out and touch them, you can be noticed by them. This does lead in many cases, to stalkers first being noticed do to persistent, odd or aggressive behavior.

Many stalkers believe that they have a personal relationship with their victim and this often leads to jealousy and in extreme cases, the stalker feeling that if they cannot have their idol, then no-one can.

Unknown Stalkers:
The major issue with unknown stalkers id that while they may have limited if no contact at all with their target, the tend to be at the adverse end of the stalking cycle when their presence is detected – that is to say that they may have been obsessing for a very long time and may have been planning an initial “physical contact” with their chosen victim for a considerable amount of time.

Often the first time that staff or the intended victim become aware of this type of Stalker is when they are in the process of acting out their fantasy. They might have at this stage entered the grounds of a property, gained access to a residence or such like.

At this point, things can go one of two ways, either the Stalker will be identified as a threat, or they will not be identified until it is too late.

A good example of this type of behavior is the case involving Sandra Bullock stalker Joshua Corbett. The star had no idea that he had been waiting for some days outside her home and that he planned to sexually assault the star. Lucky for Sandra Bullock she herself was able to raise the alarm while hiding in a bedroom closet.

In many cases, the only fire sure way or combating the unknown stalker threat is to ensure that you have adequate security including of course bodyguards. Joshua Corbett in his court case made a point for discussing the lack of security that Bullock has in place at her home. Good security will go a long way in deterring physical contact and great security should detect threats as they manifest themselves.

Police action against stalkers
It is not always easy to get the Police Forces to take action against stalkers. There are many documented cases worldwide where stalkers have been reported to the Police and the they have taken little or no action, either aggravating the situation or prolonging the action of stalking, before coming to a conclusion – a conclusion that often involves a violent confrontation between the victim and the stalker.

It is of vital importance that any contact between a stalker and his intended victim be recorded and that those managing a stars private life, from the PR team and Private Office to the security team all work in unison to ensure that potential threats do not go missed.

Alex Bomberg is the CEO of UK/France based Intelligent Protection International Limited, a global provider of Executive Protection Services. The firm has offices in a number of countries around the world in support of its client protective security requirements.

Alex Bomberg
Intelligent Protection International Limited
+44 207 4566740
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Mindfulness 3.0, The Future Of Mindfulness Is #Brainfulness!

Know the Level of Your brain You Are Living From.

Know and Harness the Difference Between Your Brain and Mind.

Brain education is about actualizing your full emotional health power.

Wisdom education is brain cleaning education.

Instead of tasting wisdom in old age live it up ASAP.

Why wait for old age to taste pure life when you can do it now.

Mental illness is a brain disease! Mindfulness tries to heal the mind when it is the brain that needs healing.

As long as mindfulness ignores brainfulness, it will remain a half-baked tool for making the world wise. After all mental illness is a brain disease.”

— Sajid Khan,

NEW YORK CITY, NY, US, October 23, 2018 / — Wow! It was truly amazing to observe such a huge gathering of authentic souls at the Mindfulness Summit in New York City. However, I was saddened to see that quite a few of the very leaders of mindfulness have negative health effects resulting from the ignorance of how consciousness truly works. Just imagine such brilliant and truly effective leaders of mindfulness can't stop their own brains from generating toxic biochemicals! It shows that they are treating the mind as the single entity of the mind. The reality is that the mind consists of the two separate entities of the mind and brain. The mind itself is a fragrance/reflection/smoke of the brain. The quality of the mind stems from the quality of the brain. Mindfulness is used as the tool to heal the emotionally challenged mind. The emotionally challenged brain generates the emotionally challenged mind. So the focus of mindfulness has to concentrate on including the healing of the brain in the mindfulness tool.

Mindfulness is still effective as the mind is a self-conscious reflection. Constant improving of the mind has a brainwashing effect on the brain, but brainwashing takes a long time. A much quicker path is by healing the brain directly as mental illness is actually a brain disease. I hope I can wake up our brilliant experts to the fact that as long as the brain and mind are lumped together as just the mind becoming wise will remain a long struggle.

At this summit it was also clear that Mindfulness has not improved much since its invention by the Buddha.

The pure self is the pure consciousness that results from a perfect alignment of the brain and mind. In fact, the mind is a reflection of the brain (How does one effectively educate a reflection?) and yet all efforts are directed toward educating the mind while the source of the mind – the brain is mostly ignored.

The key to a perfect mind and brain is right there in the first sentence of the Bible. God is saying that He is the Word, He is Wisdom and as we humans are made in His Image, we too need to be wisdom. God is not emphasizing having the knowledge of wisdom, yet our wisdom experts are still busy trying to bring us the knowledge of wisdom. Our experts must realize that even if we have the perfect knowledge of wisdom we must still be shown how to become wise.

Human consciousness works on two wheels. The brain wheel and the mind wheel. All focus is on improving the mind wheel, while the brain wheel is under the radar screen of our experts. Even though the quality of the mind is dependent on the quality of the brain. As long as mindfulness ignores the brain part of consciousness it will remain half-baked. In fact one can see the results of ignoring the emotionally challenged brains on the faces of quite a few of the leaders of Mindfulness. Their own brains are oozing toxic biochemicals and they are unable to heal their own tired and unhealthy brains.

Man becomes wise by old age because the wisdom blocking emotional baggage is very slowly ground out of the brain through experience. Why wait till the old age to grind out the emotional baggage, why not remove it now by directly healing the brain. Imagine all the suffering and pain that one inflicts on one's own self and on others for decades while journeying towards wisdom.

Consider the pure self as gold. Most turn into brass by emotionally challenged up-bringing and other factors. The aim of mindfulness is to turn the brass into gold. What mindfulness does is put a gold plating on the brass, where the gold plating gradually seeps in and slowly turns the brass partly into gold. What we need is to heal the brass into gold by directly addressing the emotional baggage in the brain.

When the brain and mind are not perfectly aligned the brain has its own negative agenda resulting in tiredness, sleeplessness, not being present in the moment, unhappiness etc. Mindfulness keeps trying to educate the mind to get rid of these issues. But these are diseases of the brain and the brain has to be addressed directly rather than being addressed through the mind. What we need to do is invent #BRAINFULNESS!

Mindfulness is the means where mindlessness is the goal. Unfortunately mindlessness is missing from mindfulness. Mindfulness has not improved much since its invention by the Buddha. The future of Mindfulness must include #Brainfulness.

I hope I can wake up our experts to the fact that as long as the brain and mind are lumped together as just the mind and the brain is ignored, the mindfulness process will take almost forever.

In fact mindful practitioners practice mindfulness till the every end of their lives, in my book mindfulness should be a tool to remove the sickness directly from the brain. Once the sickness is healed mindfulness becomes efforless. But because the emotional baggage from the brain is not directly addressed mindfulness is unable to remove the emotional baggage completely.

Mindfulness is described as observing the water fall of thoughts from a distance. So instead of being in the now of the water fall, current mindfulness makes you partly step away from the living in the now. Mindfulness splits the focus of the mind between living in the now and observing living in the now. This is good when one is trying to overcome physical pain but when one is trying to overcome emotional pain then the source of the pain, the emotional baggage in the brain has to be addressed directly.

Sajid Khan
4th R Foundation
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The philosophy of living is now a science. Life can be lived by numbers.

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Birmingham Indie Funk Artist eLAY Releases his inspirational New Single

“Recovery (definition) – the regaining of something that’s been lost or taken away…”

BIRMINGHAM, WEST MIDLANDS, UNITED KINGDOM, October 23, 2018 / — “Recovery (definition) – the regaining of something that’s been lost or taken away…”

eLAY is a Birmingham UK native who has been around for many years on the music circuit previously as an in demand first-call session drummer and latterly a solo artist, singer songwriter multi-instrumentalist and producer. That was until his world came crashing down after he suffered an unexpected stroke…

This was by no means a devastating stroke compared to some, but if it wasn’t for the intervention of his father who found him in bed unable to move or talk, he most likely would have been permanently incapacitated or dead.

Fast forwards many long weeks and months and his recovery was well under way.  What was his one major motivation? To get well enough record and release a new, two track EP which he has now completed. What an amazing feat? And one which very few have the determination to fulfil but we are not dealing with a normal artist here we are dealing with someone with extraordinary drive and self-discipline. Something that helped him win a national UK championship for drumming at only age 19!

In order to learn a new skill or a musical instrument you have to strip the seemingly complex, down to the raw bones. You need to develop good technique and repeat movements at a very slow place over and over again.  Gradually the human brain develops the ability to play faster. It memorises the movements so you don’t have to think about what you’re doing and concentrate only on playing with feel and emotion.

eLAY had already done this on the drums to the highest level, how then must the mountain must’ve seemed when after so many years you find yourself unable to move or talk or play and  instruments you had played with ease for so many years previously?

He describes his sound as Indie-Funk. His music is eclectic, electronic with a modern twist. His vocal style & look are quirky but confident (hence the Indie influence). Definitely not you standard artist and I think he likes it that way.  He’s trying to push the boat out and do something new, without cliché or stereotype. Has he achieved that well you should find out for yourself but when you do, take into account the battle he must have endured to get to this point after such a debilitating condition?

Who knows? that drive might just be all he needs to get his material out into the bigger market.

He’d be the first to say ‘anything is possible and at anytime’

Alex Lowe
Urban Dubz PR
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Ragu Sada explores beneficial U.S. construction industry certifications

Ragu Sada

As the construction market boom continues, there's never been a better time to enter the industry according to Ragu Sada.

AUSTIN, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, October 23, 2018 / — An excellent asset to a construction worker's resume, recognized certifications demonstrate to potential employers that a worker is dedicated to keeping both their skills and knowledge current. Furthermore, says Ragu Sada, certifications are now a requirement on many of today's building sites in the United States.

Managing principal of a large construction firm based in Texas, Sada first points toward Certified Construction Manager certification, issued by the Construction Manager Certification Institute. A subsidiary of the Construction Management Association of America, the CMCI provides the Certified Construction Manager—or CCM—credential.

This, says Sada, is widely considered among the very best certifications in construction management. "CCM certification recognizes construction managers with expert knowledge in all aspects of the industry, from project planning and design through to actual construction and subsequent completion," he reveals.

Candidates, however, must have at least four years of 'responsible in charge' experience as well as an undergraduate or master's degree in construction science, construction management, architecture, or one of a set list of several other engineering disciplines.

"Furthermore, they must also have eight years or more of demonstrable experience within construction or general design," Sada adds.

Similar options are also available from the American Institute of Constructors, or AIC. A good source of general certifications, the AIC administers the Associate Constructor and Certified Professional Constructor certifications – or AC, and CPC respectively.

Application for AC certification requires candidates to have completed an accredited four-year construction management degree program, or otherwise have had four years of hands-on experience qualifying them for the certification. CPC certification, meanwhile, is available to those already at AC level, and who have completed another four years of hands-on construction industry work. "Two of those four years must also have entailed managing projects," adds Sada.

Those looking more to get their foot in the door may wish to turn to NICET, or the National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies.

"With over 135,000 certified engineering technicians having now gone through the program since its launch in the 1960s, NICET covers approximately 30 certifications across building construction, materials testing, transportation, and electrical and mechanical systems engineering," Sada explains.

Those with minimal experience may complete a level 1 certification, while level 4 requires a decade or more of experience.

"Certification exams from CMCI, AIC, and NICET currently cost between $200 and $650, upon completion of which the required accreditation or accreditations will be granted to those who achieve the necessary grades," adds Sada, wrapping up.

Eric Ash
Web Presence, LLC
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